What Is Named After Leonardo DiCaprio?

Leonardo DiCaprio, the renowned Hollywood actor, has left an indelible mark not only in the film industry but also in various other fields. From environmental activism to philanthropy, his influence extends beyond his on-screen performances.

In fact, there are several remarkable things that have been named after Leonardo DiCaprio. Let’s delve into some of these notable examples.

1. Asteroid 118390 DiCaprio

One extraordinary honor bestowed upon Leonardo DiCaprio is having an asteroid named after him.

Discovered in 2005 by astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona, this celestial body was officially designated as “118390 DiCaprio.” This recognition highlights his contribution to the arts and serves as a lasting tribute to his talent and impact.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Leonardo DiCaprio’s passion for environmental conservation led him to establish the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) in 1998.

The foundation focuses on supporting innovative projects and organizations that promote environmental awareness and protect vulnerable ecosystems. Through LDF, DiCaprio has become a prominent advocate for climate change mitigation and wildlife preservation.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio International Airport

In 2021, it was announced that a new airport being built near Mexico City would be named after Leonardo DiCaprio. The decision was made as a token of gratitude for the actor’s work promoting sustainable tourism and his dedication to protecting Mexico’s biodiversity and natural resources.

4. The Leo Diamond

Known for his exceptional taste, it comes as no surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio inspired the creation of a unique and exquisite diamond cut known as “The Leo Diamond.”

Developed by Leo Schachter Diamonds, this patented cut maximizes light reflection within the diamond, resulting in extraordinary brilliance and sparkle. It is a fitting tribute to DiCaprio’s timeless elegance and style.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio School

Another influential way in which Leonardo DiCaprio has been honored is through the establishment of schools bearing his name.

For instance, in 2010, a school in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was named the “Leonardo DiCaprio School.” This recognition reflects his commitment to education and empowering future generations.

6. The Leonardo DiCaprio Collection

Beyond the silver screen, Leonardo DiCaprio’s impact has reached the world of art.

In collaboration with Studio Bagno and artist Roberto Cambi, he curated “The Leonardo DiCaprio Collection” – a line of luxury Italian bathroom fixtures. Inspired by his dedication to environmental sustainability, the collection incorporates eco-friendly materials and innovative design.

To sum it up, Leonardo DiCaprio’s influence transcends the boundaries of Hollywood stardom. From having an asteroid named after him to championing environmental causes through his foundation and being recognized in various other domains, he has left an extraordinary legacy. These examples showcase not only his talent as an actor but also his dedication to making a positive impact on the world.