What Is Leonardo DiCaprio 90s Haircut Called?

Leonardo DiCaprio is undoubtedly one of the most iconic actors of our time, known for his exceptional talent and captivating performances. But did you know that he also made waves in the fashion industry with his distinctive 90s haircut?

This hairstyle, popularized by DiCaprio during his rise to fame in the 90s, has become synonymous with his name. So what exactly is Leonardo DiCaprio’s 90s haircut called? Let’s delve into the details.

The Curtain Haircut

The haircut that Leonardo DiCaprio famously sported in the 90s is commonly known as the “curtain” or “curtain bangs” haircut. This style features long hair that is parted down the middle, creating a curtain-like effect that frames the face.

Characteristics of the Curtain Haircut

The curtain haircut can be easily recognized by its distinct characteristics:

  • Long Length: The hair is grown out to a medium to long length, typically reaching below the ears and sometimes even touching the shoulders.
  • Middle Parting: The hair is evenly divided down the center, creating a symmetrical appearance.
  • Face-Framing Layers: The hair around the face is layered to create soft and flowing strands that frame the cheekbones.

How to Achieve Leonardo DiCaprio’s 90s Haircut

If you’re inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic hairstyle from the 90s and want to recreate it for yourself, here are some steps to follow:

Step 1: Grow out Your Hair

In order to achieve the desired length for this haircut, you will need to grow out your hair. It typically takes several months to reach the ideal length, so patience is key.

Step 2: Part Your Hair

Once your hair has reached the desired length, use a comb to create a neat and straight part down the middle of your head. This will give you the signature curtain effect.

Step 3: Layer Your Hair

To achieve the face-framing layers seen in Leonardo DiCaprio’s haircut, visit a professional hairstylist who can add layers to your hair. This will help create movement and texture.

Step 4: Style Your Hair

To style your hair in the curtain haircut, apply some styling product such as mousse or texturizing spray to add volume and hold. Use a blow dryer and a round brush to gently shape your hair away from your face.

The Timeless Appeal of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 90s Haircut

Leonardo DiCaprio’s 90s curtain haircut not only defined an era but also continues to inspire people today. Its effortless yet stylish look complements various face shapes and hair types, making it versatile and universally appealing.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that exudes coolness and nostalgia, consider embracing Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic 90s curtain haircut. With its bold yet understated charm, this hairstyle is sure to make heads turn wherever you go!