What Is Angels in America About Andrew Garfield?

Angels in America is a groundbreaking play written by Tony Kushner. The play explores various themes such as homosexuality, the AIDS epidemic, religion, and politics. The production of Angels in America starring Andrew Garfield has gained significant attention and critical acclaim.

Plot Summary

The story is set in New York City during the 1980s when the AIDS epidemic was at its peak. The play follows the lives of multiple characters whose paths intersect and intertwine. Central to the story are two couples: Prior Walter and Louis Ironson, and Joe Pitt and his wife Harper.

Prior Walter: Prior is a gay man who discovers he has contracted AIDS. As his health deteriorates, he begins to have vivid hallucinations that include visits from an angel. These visions and encounters challenge his faith and force him to question his role in the world.

Louis Ironson: Louis is Prior’s boyfriend at the beginning of the play. However, he struggles to cope with Prior’s illness and eventually leaves him. Louis grapples with guilt over abandoning Prior during such a difficult time.

Joe Pitt: Joe is a young Mormon lawyer who works for Roy Cohn, a powerful attorney with political connections. Joe struggles with his sexuality and his marriage to Harper. He ultimately confronts his true desires but faces conflict due to societal expectations.

Harper Pitt: Harper is Joe’s wife who battles her own demons through her addiction to Valium and her vivid imagination. She often retreats into a world of fantasy as a means of escaping her unhappy marriage.

Themes Explored

The play delves into several thought-provoking themes:

  • Homosexuality: Angels in America portrays the challenges faced by gay individuals during a time when homosexuality was stigmatized and misunderstood.
  • AIDS Epidemic: The play sheds light on the devastating impact of AIDS on individuals and communities, as well as the political and social responses to the epidemic.
  • Religion: Religious beliefs and spirituality are explored through the character of Prior, who questions his faith as he confronts his mortality.
  • Politics: The play also touches upon political themes, particularly through the character of Roy Cohn, who represents corruption and abuse of power.

The Impact of Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Prior Walter in Angels in America has received widespread acclaim. His performance brings depth and vulnerability to the character, capturing the emotional journey of a man grappling with illness and faith. Garfield’s commitment to his role shines through in both his physicality and emotional range on stage.

The chemistry between Garfield and his fellow cast members adds further layers to the production. The interactions between Prior Walter and Louis Ironson, played by James McArdle, are particularly poignant, highlighting the complexities of their relationship amidst personal struggles.

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