What Has Cardi B Done for Charity?

Cardi B, the Grammy-winning rapper and social media sensation, has not only made a name for herself in the music industry but has also shown her philanthropic side by contributing to various charitable causes. Let’s take a closer look at what Cardi B has done for charity:

Supporting Hurricane Relief Efforts

One of Cardi B’s notable acts of generosity was her contribution to hurricane relief efforts. In 2017, she donated a significant amount of money to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. Her donation helped provide relief supplies, housing assistance, and medical care to the victims.

Partnering with Fashion Nova

In 2018, Cardi B collaborated with the popular fashion brand Fashion Nova to launch a clothing line. What made this collaboration unique was that she pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the collection to charity. Through this initiative, she aimed to give back to her community and support causes close to her heart.

Fighting COVID-19

In 2020, as the world battled the COVID-19 pandemic, Cardi B stepped up and used her platform to raise awareness about the virus and encourage people to take necessary precautions. She actively promoted social distancing measures and highlighted the importance of wearing masks through her social media channels.

Donating Meals to Healthcare Workers

To express gratitude towards healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic, Cardi B teamed up with food delivery service Postmates. Together, they donated meals and essentials to hospitals across various cities in the United States. This gesture aimed not only at providing nourishment but also showing appreciation for their tireless efforts.

Supporting Education

Cardi B recognizes the value of education and has shown her commitment to supporting students. In 2019, she partnered with the City of Los Angeles to distribute backpacks filled with school supplies to children in need. This initiative aimed to give these students the tools they need for academic success.

Scholarship Programs

Additionally, Cardi B has launched scholarship programs to provide financial assistance to promising students. She believes in the power of education as a means to uplift communities and create opportunities for individuals who may otherwise struggle financially.


Cardi B has not only made a significant impact in the music industry but has also used her success and influence to make a positive difference in the world. Through her charitable acts, she has supported hurricane relief efforts, fought against COVID-19, and advocated for education. Cardi B’s dedication to giving back serves as an inspiration for others to use their platform and resources for the betterment of society.