What Happened to Nicki Minaj Brother?

Have you ever wondered what happened to Nicki Minaj’s brother? In this article, we will delve into the unfortunate events surrounding Jelani Maraj, the older brother of the famous rapper.

The Arrest

In December 2015, Jelani Maraj was arrested and charged with predatory sexual assault against a child and endangering the welfare of a child. These charges came as a shock to both Nicki Minaj and her fans, as they were completely unaware of the allegations until news broke.

Nicki Minaj has always been very private about her personal life, so it was not surprising that she did not publicly comment on her brother’s arrest. However, it is believed that she provided financial assistance to Jelani for his legal defense.

The Trial

The trial against Jelani Maraj began in November 2017. The prosecution presented evidence and testimonies from the alleged victim, who was just 11 years old at the time of the assault. The defense argued that Jelani was being falsely accused for financial gain.

The trial lasted for several weeks, during which time both Nicki Minaj and her mother, Carol Maraj, took the stand in support of Jelani. Despite their testimonies, in November 2017, Jelani Maraj was found guilty on charges of predatory sexual assault against a child.

Sentencing and Aftermath

In January 2020, Jelani Maraj was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. The judge emphasized the severity of his crimes and stated that he showed no remorse throughout the trial.

This tragic event has undoubtedly had a profound impact on Nicki Minaj and her family. While she has chosen to keep her personal life private, it is evident that this situation has caused immense pain and sorrow.


The events surrounding Nicki Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj, have been troubling and heartbreaking. His arrest, trial, and subsequent conviction for predatory sexual assault against a child have undoubtedly affected not only him but also his famous sister and their family.

It is important to remember that this article is merely providing information about the situation. Our thoughts go out to the victim and all those affected by this tragedy.