What Football Team Does Leonardo DiCaprio Support?

Leonardo DiCaprio, the renowned Hollywood actor and environmental activist, is known for his captivating performances on the silver screen. However, many fans wonder which football team he supports. While he hasn’t publicly declared his allegiance to any particular club, there have been speculations and sightings that suggest his interest in the beautiful game.

Rumored Football Team Associations

Over the years, Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted at various football matches around the world. These sightings have fueled rumors about his potential affiliations with certain teams. While it’s important to note that these are purely speculative, here are a few clubs that fans believe he might support:

1. Los Angeles FC

As a proud resident of Los Angeles, it is no surprise that DiCaprio has been seen attending matches of Major League Soccer (MLS) team Los Angeles FC (LAFC). The club was founded in 2014 and began playing in MLS in 2018. With their passionate fan base and impressive performances on the field, LAFC has quickly gained popularity among football enthusiasts in the city.

2. AS Monaco

In addition to his love for Hollywood, DiCaprio is also known to have an affinity for Monaco. The principality is home to several high-profile events including the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix and Monte Carlo Casino. Given his connection to Monaco, some speculate that Leonardo DiCaprio might support AS Monaco – one of the top football clubs in French Ligue 1.

3. Borussia Dortmund

DiCaprio has frequently been seen attending matches of German Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund. Known for their passionate supporters and exciting style of play, Borussia Dortmund has garnered international recognition over the years. The actor’s presence at their games has led to speculation that he might be a fan of the team.


While Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite football team remains a mystery, his appearances at various matches have ignited speculation among fans. Whether it’s supporting his local team in Los Angeles, showing love for Monaco, or enjoying the intense atmosphere of Borussia Dortmund games, one thing is clear – DiCaprio appreciates the beautiful game and enjoys being part of the football community.

Remember, these associations are purely based on sightings and rumors and should not be taken as definitive proof of his support for any particular club. Ultimately, only Leonardo DiCaprio knows which team holds a special place in his heart.