What Episodes of SNL Did Andrew Garfield Host?

Andrew Garfield, the talented British actor, has had the honor of hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) on two occasions. Let’s take a closer look at the episodes where Garfield showcased his comedic skills and charm on the iconic SNL stage.

Season 39: Episode 8

In his first stint as host, Andrew Garfield graced the SNL stage on December 7, 2013, during the thirty-ninth season of the show. This episode was filled with laughter and memorable sketches that left the audience in stitches.

Opening Monologue:

Garfield’s opening monologue set a light-hearted tone for the evening. He displayed his natural charisma while sharing humorous stories and interacting with cast members.

Notable Sketches:

  • Beygency:
  • In this unforgettable sketch, Andrew Garfield played a man who made an innocent comment about not enjoying BeyoncĂ©’s music. Little did he know he would face consequences from an underground organization called “The Beygency.”

    The sketch brilliantly highlighted Garfield’s comedic timing and ability to fully immerse himself in a character.

  • Peter Parker & Mary Jane:
  • As an actor known for portraying Spider-Man, it was only fitting that Andrew Garfield participated in a hilarious sketch featuring Peter Parker and Mary Jane. This segment showcased his ability to poke fun at himself and embrace his superhero alter ego in a lighthearted manner.

  • The Bird Bible:
  • This tongue-in-cheek sketch imagined what it would be like if birds had their own version of the Bible. Garfield played one of Jesus’ disciples, complete with bird-like mannerisms and comedic interactions with his feathered friends.

    This sketch highlighted Garfield’s versatility and willingness to fully commit to even the most absurd concepts.

Season 40: Episode 6

Andrew Garfield returned to SNL on May 3, 2014, during the fortieth season of the show. Once again, he delivered a memorable performance that left a lasting impression on both the cast and viewers at home.

Opening Monologue:

Garfield’s second opening monologue was filled with self-deprecating humor and witty banter. He engaged with the audience, making them feel like they were part of the show.

Notable Sketches:

  • Cold Open – The Beygency Returns:
  • The writers cleverly brought back “The Beygency” sketch from Garfield’s previous episode. This time, it explored the consequences a person faced when expressing their dislike for BeyoncĂ©’s newest album.

    Garfield’s comedic timing and commitment made this sketch just as hilarious as before.

  • Spider-Man Kiss:
  • As Spider-Man once again, Andrew Garfield found himself in a sticky situation during this sketch. He struggled to deliver an upside-down kiss due to various obstacles getting in the way, resulting in uproarious laughter from the audience.

  • Cold Open – Emma Stone Cold Sober:
  • In this skit featuring his then-girlfriend Emma Stone, Garfield humorously portrayed an intoxicated character attending an office party. His chemistry with Stone added an extra layer of comedic brilliance to this already hilarious sketch.

In Conclusion

Andrew Garfield’s hosting appearances on SNL showcased his versatility as an actor and his ability to bring humor to the stage. With memorable sketches like “The Beygency” and his portrayal of Peter Parker, Garfield left a lasting impression on the SNL audience, ensuring that his episodes will be remembered for years to come.