What Episode Was Nicki Minaj on Housewives?

What Episode Was Nicki Minaj on Housewives?

If you’re a fan of reality television and music, you may have heard rumors about Nicki Minaj appearing on a popular Housewives franchise. Well, we’re here to give you the scoop!

Nicki Minaj made a guest appearance on the Real Housewives of Potomac, specifically in Season 6, Episode 10.

Why Did Nicki Minaj Appear on RHOP?

Nicki Minaj’s appearance on the Real Housewives of Potomac was highly anticipated and generated quite a buzz. As an avid fan of the show herself, Nicki expressed her love for RHOP on social media and even engaged in discussions with fans about their favorite moments from the series.

Her appearance served as a way for her to connect with her fans and show support for the Housewives franchise.

What Happened During Nicki Minaj’s Appearance?

During Season 6, Episode 10 of RHOP, titled “Nicki Knows Best,” Nicki Minaj took on the role of hostess for a reunion-style sit-down with the cast members. This episode was unique because it provided an opportunity for Nicki to ask hard-hitting questions and address some of the season’s most talked-about moments.

She brought her charisma and witty personality to the table, asking each housewife about their actions and decisions throughout the season.

Nicki’s appearance added an exciting twist to the show, as fans were eager to see how she would interact with both cast members and viewers. Her presence injected a fresh energy into the reunion episode, making it one of the most memorable moments in RHOP history.

What Did Fans Think of Nicki Minaj’s Appearance?

The response to Nicki Minaj’s appearance on RHOP was overwhelmingly positive. Fans praised her for being candid and unafraid to ask the tough questions.

Her presence added a level of excitement and entertainment that fans had been craving. Many viewers expressed their desire for Nicki to return in future episodes or even have a more permanent role on the show.


Nicki Minaj’s appearance on the Real Housewives of Potomac in Season 6, Episode 10 brought a fresh dynamic to the show. As a fan of RHOP herself, Nicki’s involvement added an extra layer of excitement and intrigue.

Her hosting skills during the reunion-style sit-down showcased her wit and charisma, making it a memorable episode for both fans of the show and music enthusiasts alike.

If you haven’t already watched Season 6, Episode 10 of RHOP featuring Nicki Minaj, make sure to check it out for an exciting dose of reality television with a touch of music industry glamour!