What Episode Is Leonardo DiCaprio in the Simpsons?

Leonardo DiCaprio, the renowned Hollywood actor, made a special guest appearance in the popular animated TV series “The Simpsons.” His cameo in the show delighted fans and showcased his versatility as an actor. In this article, we will explore the episode in which DiCaprio graced our screens with his presence.

The Episode: “Homerazzi”

The episode featuring Leonardo DiCaprio is titled “Homerazzi” and is a part of the eighteenth season of “The Simpsons.” It aired on May 6, 2007.

In this episode, Homer Simpson becomes a paparazzo after accidentally capturing a scandalous photo of Springfield’s beloved Mayor Quimby. As Homer immerses himself in the world of celebrity gossip, he encounters several famous personalities, including none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio’s Role

In “Homerazzi,” Leonardo DiCaprio plays himself. The storyline revolves around Homer’s newfound passion for photography and his relentless pursuit of capturing scandalous moments involving celebrities. When Homer spots DiCaprio at the museum, he seizes the opportunity to take a compromising picture of him.

The Encounter:

  • Homer spots Leonardo DiCaprio at the museum.
  • He sneaks up on him and takes a picture.
  • DiCaprio catches Homer in action.
  • Homer begs him not to expose his secret paparazzo life.

Interesting Fact:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice was actually performed by Dan Castellaneta, who is famously known for voicing Homer Simpson himself. This clever twist added an extra layer of humor to the episode.

A Memorable Appearance

Leonardo DiCaprio’s cameo in “The Simpsons” was memorable not only because of his star power but also due to the humorous plotline surrounding Homer’s paparazzo adventures. The episode provided a satirical take on the culture of celebrity obsession and the lengths some individuals go to capture scandalous moments.


“Homerazzi” is the episode of “The Simpsons” in which Leonardo DiCaprio appeared as himself. This delightful cameo showcased DiCaprio’s ability to embrace his public image with humor and self-awareness. If you’re a fan of both Leonardo DiCaprio and “The Simpsons,” this is an episode you definitely don’t want to miss!

So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy watching Leonardo DiCaprio’s hilarious encounter with the paparazzo Homer Simpson in the episode “Homerazzi.”