What Episode Did Cardi B Play on Being Mary Jane?

Cardi B, the popular rapper and television personality, made a guest appearance on the hit TV show “Being Mary Jane.” Her appearance on the show added an extra layer of excitement for fans who were already captivated by the compelling storyline and talented cast.

The Episode

The episode in which Cardi B appeared is titled “Feeling Tested.” It is the ninth episode of the fourth season of “Being Mary Jane,” which originally aired on April 18, 2017. In this episode, Cardi B portrays herself in a cameo role that brings some unexpected fun and energy to the series.

Cardi B’s Role

Cardi B’s character interacts with Gabrielle Union’s character, Mary Jane Paul. She brings her signature charisma and sense of humor to the screen, creating a memorable scene that showcases her talent beyond her music career.

In her scene, Cardi B meets Mary Jane at an event and engages in a brief but lively conversation. Through their interaction, viewers get a glimpse into Cardi B’s vibrant personality and wit.

Cardi B’s Impact

Cardi B’s guest appearance on “Being Mary Jane” generated significant buzz among fans. Her involvement in the episode created anticipation and excitement leading up to its airing, with many eager to see how she would fit into the show’s narrative.

The combination of Cardi B’s star power and her ability to connect with audiences through her authenticity made her appearance a standout moment for both fans of the show and fans of Cardi herself.


In conclusion, Cardi B appeared on the episode titled “Feeling Tested” in season four of “Being Mary Jane.” Her cameo role brought an extra dose of entertainment to an already compelling series. Her impact on the show and the excitement it generated among fans further solidify Cardi B’s status as a multi-talented entertainer.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, make sure to check it out and experience Cardi B’s infectious energy for yourself!