What Earth Is Andrew Garfield Spider Man From?

What Earth Is Andrew Garfield Spider-Man From?

When it comes to the Marvel multiverse, there are countless versions of our favorite superheroes. One of the most beloved iterations of Spider-Man is portrayed by Andrew Garfield in “The Amazing Spider-Man” film series. But have you ever wondered which Earth this particular version of Spider-Man hails from?

The Marvel Multiverse

Before we dive into Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, let’s take a brief look at the concept of the Marvel Multiverse. The Marvel Multiverse is a vast network of alternate universes that coexist alongside each other. Each universe has its own distinct set of characters, storylines, and sometimes even different versions of familiar heroes and villains.

Earth-616 and Beyond

In the comics, the original and primary Marvel Universe is known as Earth-616. However, Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man does not belong to this particular universe. Instead, he comes from an alternate reality known as Earth-120703.

Earth-120703: The Amazing Spider-Man Universe

The Amazing Spider-Man film series starring Andrew Garfield was set in Earth-120703. In this universe, Peter Parker (played by Garfield) takes on the mantle of Spider-Man and faces off against iconic villains like the Lizard and Electro.

Distinctive Features of Earth-120703

One notable difference in this universe is that Peter Parker’s love interest is Gwen Stacy, portrayed by Emma Stone. Additionally, this version of Spider-Man possesses organic web-shooters instead of the mechanical ones typically associated with the character.

The Interconnected Multiverse

While each universe within the Marvel Multiverse has its own unique set of characters and events, they are not completely isolated. Occasionally, the different universes interact with one another through various means, such as interdimensional travel or cosmic events.

Spider-Verse Crossover Event

In the comic book event known as “Spider-Verse,” multiple versions of Spider-Man from different universes come together to face a common threat. Although Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man did not appear in this particular storyline, it showcases how interconnected these alternate realities can be.


In summary, Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man comes from Earth-120703 within the Marvel Multiverse. This alternate reality showcases a distinct version of Peter Parker as he battles against familiar foes and forms a unique relationship with Gwen Stacy. The Marvel Multiverse continues to expand and provide fans with exciting variations on their favorite characters.

Remember, the next time you watch “The Amazing Spider-Man” films, you’ll know that you’re witnessing the adventures of Spider-Man from Earth-120703!