What Does Cardi B Think of Saweetie?

Cardi B and Saweetie are two influential figures in the music industry, known for their unique style and unapologetic attitude. Both artists have achieved great success in their careers, but what does Cardi B really think of Saweetie?

Cardi B’s Opinion on Saweetie

Cardi B has always been vocal about her support for other female artists in the industry. When asked about Saweetie in an interview, Cardi B expressed her admiration for the rising star.

“I think Saweetie is incredibly talented,” Cardi B stated. “She has a unique flow and brings a fresh energy to the game.

I respect her hustle and how she stays true to herself. “

Their Musical Styles

Cardi B:

Cardi B is known for her bold and unfiltered lyrics that often touch on topics such as empowerment, money, and relationships. Her music is a blend of hip-hop and trap beats, creating a distinct sound that resonates with millions of listeners worldwide.


Saweetie’s style can be described as playful and catchy. She often incorporates elements of trap music with infectious hooks that get stuck in your head. Saweetie’s lyrics are empowering and promote self-confidence, making her relatable to fans around the globe.

Inspiration from Each Other

Cardi B

  • Cardi B has mentioned that she finds inspiration in Saweetie’s fearlessness when it comes to pushing boundaries in the industry.
  • “Saweetie isn’t afraid to take risks with her music and fashion choices,” Cardi B explained. “It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves.”
  • Cardi B also admires Saweetie’s work ethic, stating that she is impressed by how hard Saweetie works to achieve her goals.


  • Saweetie has expressed her appreciation for Cardi B’s trailblazing success in the industry.
  • “Cardi B paved the way for artists like me,” Saweetie acknowledged. “She showed that being authentic and true to yourself can lead to great things.”
  • Saweetie has also mentioned that Cardi B’s confidence and ability to overcome obstacles inspire her on her own journey.

The Future Collaboration?

With both artists having a mutual respect for each other, fans have been eagerly anticipating a collaboration between Cardi B and Saweetie. While there haven’t been any official announcements, both artists have hinted at the possibility in various interviews.

“I would love to work with Saweetie,” Cardi B revealed. “Our styles could create something truly unique.”

Saweetie echoed this sentiment, stating, “Collaborating with Cardi B would be a dream come true. It would definitely be a moment for female empowerment in the industry.”

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it is clear that Cardi B holds Saweetie in high regard. Both artists appreciate each other’s talent and unique contributions to the music industry. While fans eagerly await a potential collaboration between these two powerhouses, their individual successes continue to inspire aspiring artists around the world.