What Does Cardi B Mean When She Says Macaroni in a Pot?

Cardi B is a renowned rapper and songwriter known for her catchy lyrics and unique style. She has become famous for her ability to create memorable phrases that catch the attention of listeners and spark conversations.

One such phrase is “macaroni in a pot,” which she often references in her songs and social media posts. But what does Cardi B mean when she says “macaroni in a pot”? Let’s dive into the meaning behind this intriguing phrase.

Origins of the Phrase

The phrase “macaroni in a pot” originates from Cardi B’s hit song “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. In this song, Cardi B raps, “I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this little garage.”

She then follows it up with the line, “Make it cream, make me scream, out in public, make a scene.” This lyric refers to sexual activities that are too explicit to directly mention.

Due to radio censorship restrictions and the need for a clean version of the song, Cardi B had to come up with an alternative phrase that conveyed the same message without being explicit. And thus, “macaroni in a pot” was born.

Interpretation of the Phrase

The phrase “macaroni in a pot” is widely interpreted as a euphemism for sexual intercourse or sexual activities. It symbolizes the passionate and intense nature of such encounters, comparing them to the boiling process of macaroni in a pot.

The use of food-related metaphors is not uncommon in popular music. Artists often employ these metaphors as creative ways to express desire or intensity while adhering to censorship guidelines.

Cultural Impact

Cardi B’s use of the phrase “macaroni in a pot” has sparked numerous discussions and memes across social media platforms. Fans and followers of Cardi B have embraced the phrase, using it as an inside joke and a way to connect with each other.

The phrase has also become a popular reference in pop culture, with many people using it to express excitement or to describe something that is intensely satisfying. It has even been adopted by brands and incorporated into their marketing campaigns, further solidifying its place in contemporary culture.


While initially a substitution for explicit lyrics, Cardi B’s use of the phrase “macaroni in a pot” has taken on a life of its own. It has become a cultural phenomenon and an emblem of Cardi B’s artistic style. The phrase exemplifies her ability to create memorable content that resonates with her audience.

So the next time you come across Cardi B saying “macaroni in a pot,” you now know the meaning behind this intriguing phrase. Remember to appreciate the creativity and cleverness behind her lyrics while enjoying her music!