What Do You Call a Cardi B Fan?

What Do You Call a Cardi B Fan?

If you’re a fan of Cardi B, you may be wondering what to call yourself. After all, every fandom has its own unique name that brings fans together.

In this article, we will explore some of the popular names used to refer to Cardi B fans and the reasons behind them.

The Bardi Gang

One of the most common terms used to describe Cardi B fans is the “Bardi Gang.” This term was coined by Cardi herself, as she often refers to her fans as “Bardi Gang” in her social media posts and interviews.

The name “Bardi” is derived from her birth name Belcalis Almanzar, and it has become a symbol of loyalty and dedication among her fans.

The Bardi Gang is known for their fierce support of Cardi B. They proudly show their love for her through various means such as fan art, concert outfits, and even tattoos.

The term has become so popular that it is frequently used by other celebrities and influencers when referring to Cardi’s fanbase.


Another creative term used to describe Cardi B fans is “Cardiologists.” This name cleverly combines the word “Cardi” from Cardi B’s stage name with the medical term “cardiology,” which refers to the study of the heart.

The term “Cardiologists” represents how deeply fans connect with Cardi B’s music on an emotional level. It signifies their unwavering love and devotion towards her, just like how a cardiologist cares for matters related to the heart.

This name reflects not only their passion for her music but also their understanding of the personal stories and experiences she shares through her lyrics.

Bardi Babies

For the younger fans of Cardi B, the term “Bardi Babies” is often used. This name represents the youthful energy and enthusiasm that these fans bring to their love for Cardi B’s music.

Being a Bardi Baby means embracing the vibrant and playful side of Cardi’s music. These fans are known for their incredible dance moves, catchy lip-sync videos, and their ability to spread joy through social media platforms.

The term “Bardi Babies” perfectly captures the spirit of this younger generation of Cardi B fans.

In Conclusion

In the world of Cardi B fandom, there are several names that fans proudly identify with. Whether you consider yourself a member of the Bardi Gang, a Cardiologist, or a Bardi Baby, what matters most is your love and support for Cardi B and her music.

These names not only unite fans but also represent the unique connection they have with Cardi B’s artistry. So embrace your chosen fandom name with pride and continue to celebrate the talent and success of one of today’s most influential artists!