What Did Zendaya Sing in the Lip Sync Battle?

Zendaya is a multi-talented artist known for her acting, dancing, and singing skills. In addition to her successful career in film and television, she has also showcased her musical talents on various occasions. One such memorable performance was during her appearance on the popular show Lip Sync Battle.

In this particular episode, Zendaya wowed the audience with her incredible lip-syncing abilities. She chose a song that perfectly suited her energetic personality and showcased her undeniable stage presence.

So, what did Zendaya sing in the Lip Sync Battle? Let’s find out!

For this epic battle, Zendaya decided to perform “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars. This hit song was released in 2016 as the lead single from Bruno Mars’ album of the same name. The track became an instant success and earned both critical acclaim and commercial success.

As we delve into Zendaya’s performance, it becomes evident that she went above and beyond to ensure an electrifying show. Her attention to detail was impeccable as she flawlessly mimed every word of the song while incorporating impressive dance moves.

Zendaya’s performance on Lip Sync Battle was nothing short of mesmerizing. With each beat drop and every choreographed step, she captivated the audience with her sheer talent and charisma. The combination of her fierce stage presence and Bruno Mars’ infectious track created an unforgettable moment.

Now let’s break down some key elements of Zendaya’s performance using HTML styling elements:

Stage Presence:

Zendaya commanded the stage with her confident presence throughout the entire performance.

Dance Moves:

Her energetic dance moves perfectly complemented the upbeat rhythm of “24K Magic”. From slick footwork to smooth body rolls, Zendaya effortlessly incorporated various dance styles into her routine.

Miming Skills:

Zendaya’s flawless lip-syncing skills made it seem as if she was singing live. She paid meticulous attention to syncing her movements with the lyrics, creating a seamless performance that left the audience in awe.

Costume and Styling:

Just like Bruno Mars, Zendaya embraced the song’s glamorous vibe by donning a stylish outfit. Her bold fashion choices and impeccable styling added an extra layer of visual appeal to her performance.

In conclusion, during her appearance on Lip Sync Battle, Zendaya performed “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars. Her electrifying rendition showcased her exceptional lip-syncing skills, mesmerizing stage presence, and impressive dance moves.

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