What Did Tasha K Say Cardi B?

Tasha K, a popular YouTuber and gossip commentator, recently made some controversial statements about Cardi B. In a series of videos on her channel, Tasha K alleged that she had insider information about Cardi B’s personal life and past.

Accusations and Claims

According to Tasha K, Cardi B’s rise to fame was not as organic as it may seem. She claimed that Cardi B used various tactics to gain attention and boost her career, including paying for radio airplay and buying social media followers. These allegations have caused quite a stir among both Cardi B’s fans and critics.

The Feud

Tasha K’s accusations did not sit well with Cardi B or her fan base. The rapper took to social media to address the claims made against her. In a series of tweets, she denied the allegations and called out Tasha K for spreading false information.

Cardi B’s response ignited a feud between the two women, with Tasha K firing back in subsequent videos. This public exchange of insults and accusations further fueled the controversy surrounding their clash.

Supporters and Critics

The situation quickly divided people into two camps: those who believed Tasha K’s claims and those who stood by Cardi B. Supporters of Tasha K argued that she has a track record of exposing celebrities’ secrets, while Cardi B’s fans dismissed the allegations as baseless gossip.

Tasha K’s Reputation

Tasha K is known for her provocative commentary on celebrities’ lives. She has gained a substantial following by sharing rumors and insider information about various artists in the entertainment industry. However, her credibility has often been questioned due to the lack of concrete evidence supporting her claims.

Cardi B’s Response

Cardi B, known for her outspoken personality, didn’t hold back in her response to Tasha K. She accused the YouTuber of attempting to tarnish her reputation and questioned the authenticity of the information being shared.

The Impact

The feud between Tasha K and Cardi B has generated a significant amount of attention on social media platforms. Fans and followers have taken sides, engaging in heated debates about who is telling the truth.

Effects on Cardi B’s Career

While it’s too early to determine the long-term effects of this controversy on Cardi B’s career, it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Some fans may question her authenticity and credibility, while others may rally behind her even more fiercely.


The clash between Tasha K and Cardi B has become a hot topic in the entertainment world. While both parties continue to defend their positions, it remains up to individuals to decide whose side they believe. As with any celebrity feud, only time will tell what impact this controversy will have on their careers.