What Did Snoop Dogg Say to Cardi B?

What Did Snoop Dogg Say to Cardi B?

Recently, the rap industry has been buzzing with rumors about a heated exchange between two prominent figures: Snoop Dogg and Cardi B. Let’s dive into what exactly transpired and the impact it’s had on the music community.

The Background

Both Snoop Dogg and Cardi B are well-respected artists in the hip-hop world, known for their unique styles and outspoken personalities. Snoop Dogg, a veteran in the industry, has been praised for his iconic rap career spanning decades. On the other hand, Cardi B has quickly risen to fame with her chart-topping hits and unapologetic attitude.

The Controversy

It all began when Snoop Dogg made some comments about female rappers during an interview. He expressed his concern that many of today’s female artists focus too much on their sexuality rather than their talent. While he didn’t mention any specific names, fans speculated that he was referring to Cardi B.

Snoop Dogg’s statement:

“A lot of women are doing it but it’s like, ‘Okay, you doing that but now let’s get some real spitters. I don’t give a f**k about your p***y…I want to know what you’re gonna say after you say that.”

Cardi B’s Response

Cardi B is known for not holding back her thoughts and opinions. In response to Snoop Dogg’s comments, she took to social media to defend herself and other female rappers who have faced similar criticisms.

Cardi B’s statement:

“I have seen a lot of people say that nowadays female rappers only talk about their p***y and sh*t. And now that Jermaine Dupri brings it up, now you wanna say something. Why you ain’t say that to these male rappers?..

I’m just saying. “

The Aftermath

As expected, this exchange of words caused quite a stir in the music industry. Many fans and fellow artists took sides, while others called for unity and respect among all artists.

Some notable reactions:

  • Eminem showed his support for Cardi B by tweeting, “It’s never about gender, it’s about talent.”
  • Missy Elliott urged everyone to focus on uplifting each other rather than tearing each other down.
  • Some fans agreed with Snoop Dogg’s perspective and believed that there should be a balance between sexuality and lyrical prowess.

The Resolution

While tensions initially ran high, both Snoop Dogg and Cardi B eventually called for peace. They acknowledged their differences in opinion but emphasized the need for unity within the rap community.

Snoop Dogg’s statement:

“I love what she [Cardi B] doing. I love her music.

I love everything she does. So keep doing your thing. “

Cardi B’s statement:

“We just gotta respect each other’s craft.It’s just like everybody got their own opinions.”


The clash between Snoop Dogg and Cardi B shed light on an ongoing debate within the hip-hop community regarding the portrayal of women in rap music. While their exchange sparked controversy, it also sparked important conversations about the need for diverse representation and artistic freedom.

In the end, it’s crucial to remember that healthy discussions and debates can lead to growth and positive change within any industry. Let’s hope that this incident encourages a greater understanding and appreciation for all artists, regardless of gender.