What Did Nicki Minaj Sample for Seeing Green?

Nicki Minaj is known for her creative and unique approach to music. In her latest release, “Seeing Green,” she samples several iconic songs that add depth and nostalgia to the track.

Let’s dive into what Nicki Minaj sampled for “Seeing Green” and explore how these samples enhance the overall listening experience.

Sample 1: “Flamingosis – Flight of The Flamingo”

One of the main samples used in “Seeing Green” is from the song “Flight of The Flamingo” by Flamingosis. This funky instrumental track sets the tone for Nicki’s verses, adding a groovy vibe to the mix.

The sample can be heard throughout the song, providing a catchy and nostalgic backdrop for Nicki’s lyrics.

Sample 2: “The Notorious B.I.G. – Dreams”

Another key sample in “Seeing Green” comes from The Notorious B. ‘s classic track, “Dreams.”

This sample adds a touch of old-school hip-hop flair to the song, paying homage to one of Nicki’s biggest inspirations. By incorporating this sample, Nicki creates a bridge between different eras of rap, blending them seamlessly in her own unique style.

Sample 3: “Junior Mafia ft. Lil’ Kim – Get Money”

In addition to sampling The Notorious B., Nicki also pays tribute to his protégé Lil’ Kim by sampling their collaboration on “Get Money” by Junior Mafia. This sample not only showcases Nicki’s appreciation for female rap pioneers but also adds an empowering element to the track.

By including this iconic and empowering line in her own song, Nicki continues to break barriers and uplift women in the rap industry.

Sample 4: “The Diplomats – I Really Mean It”

The final sample in “Seeing Green” is taken from The Diplomats’ hit track, “I Really Mean It.” This sample adds a gritty and raw energy to the song, creating contrast with the smoother elements from the previous samples.

By incorporating this sample, Nicki infuses her own style with a touch of street rap, showcasing her versatility as an artist.


In “Seeing Green,” Nicki Minaj masterfully combines samples from various artists to create a multi-dimensional listening experience. By incorporating elements from different eras and genres of rap, she pays homage to her influences while also showcasing her own unique style.

These carefully selected samples add depth, nostalgia, and diversity to the track, making it a standout in Nicki’s discography.