What Did Kanye West Say About Pete Davidson?

What Did Kanye West Say About Pete Davidson?

In a recent interview, controversial rapper Kanye West made some candid comments about comedian Pete Davidson. The two have had a history of tense interactions, and this latest statement from West has only added fuel to the fire.

Let’s dive into what exactly Kanye had to say about Pete.

The Background

To understand the context of Kanye’s comments, it’s important to know the background between him and Pete Davidson. The feud between the two started when Pete made a joke about Kanye’s mental health during his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

This did not sit well with Kanye, who has been open about his struggles with bipolar disorder.

Kanye’s Interview

During the interview, when asked about his thoughts on Pete Davidson, Kanye responded with a mix of criticism and empathy. He acknowledged that he understands comedy is an art form and that comedians often push boundaries for humor.

However, he expressed disappointment in Pete for using his mental health as a punchline.

Kanye said: “I respect comedy and freedom of speech, but I think there are certain lines that should not be crossed. Mental health is a serious issue that affects millions of people, including myself.

It shouldn’t be trivialized for the sake of a laugh.”

Impact on Pete Davidson

These comments from Kanye have had a significant impact on Pete Davidson. The comedian has since apologized publicly for his joke and expressed regret for any harm caused.

Pete responded: “I apologize to Kanye and anyone else who was hurt by my words. Mental health is something I take seriously, and I should have been more considerate with my comedy.”

The Broader Conversation

Kanye’s comments about Pete Davidson have sparked a broader conversation about the responsibility of comedians when it comes to sensitive topics like mental health. While comedy is often seen as a form of social commentary, it’s essential to strike a balance between humor and empathy.


In conclusion, Kanye West’s recent remarks about Pete Davidson shed light on the boundaries that should be respected in comedy. It serves as a reminder that even in the pursuit of laughter, sensitivity towards important issues like mental health should never be compromised.