What Did Cardi B Say About Selena Quintanilla?

Cardi B, the renowned rapper and songwriter, recently expressed her admiration for the late music legend Selena Quintanilla during an interview. The comments she made about Selena have sparked conversations and garnered attention from fans all over the world.

Cardi B’s Appreciation for Selena Quintanilla

During the interview, Cardi B spoke passionately about how Selena Quintanilla influenced her career and music. She stated, “Selena was such an inspiration to me growing up.” Her words highlight the profound impact that Selena had not only on Cardi B but also on many other artists.

Cardi B went on to say that Selena’s music resonated with her because it represented empowerment and confidence. She admired how Selena broke barriers in the music industry as a Latina artist and achieved tremendous success despite facing various challenges along the way.

Selena’s Influence on Cardi B’s Music

Cardi B revealed that she draws inspiration from Selena Quintanilla’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres, especially Latin and pop. She expressed her desire to incorporate similar elements into her own music, stating, “I want to make songs that make people feel like how Selena made me feel.”

The rapper also mentioned that she admires Selena’s stage presence and how she captivated audiences with her energy and charisma. Cardi B believes that studying artists like Selena can help her improve as a performer.

The Impact of Cardi B Speaking About Selena Quintanilla

Cardi B’s statements about Selena Quintanilla have resonated deeply with fans worldwide. The rapper’s immense popularity has helped bring even more attention to Selena’s legacy, introducing a new generation to the late singer’s music and inspiring them to explore her discography.

Furthermore, Cardi B’s appreciation for Selena has sparked conversations about the importance of representation and recognition for Latina artists in the music industry. It serves as a reminder of Selena Quintanilla’s enduring influence and her role as a trailblazer for future generations.


In conclusion, Cardi B’s recent comments about Selena Quintanilla have shed light on the profound impact that the late music legend continues to have. Her words reflect not only her admiration for Selena but also the significant influence that Selena’s music and legacy have had on artists across different genres and generations.

Cardi B’s appreciation for Selena Quintanilla serves as a testament to the lasting power of an artist who broke barriers, inspired millions, and continues to shape the music industry today.