What Colour Hair Does Leonardo DiCaprio Have?

What Colour Hair Does Leonardo DiCaprio Have?

Leonardo DiCaprio, the renowned Hollywood actor, is known for his incredible talent and striking looks. Among his many features, one that often catches the attention of his fans is his hair color.

The Natural Hair Color

Leonardo DiCaprio was born with luscious blonde hair. In his early years, he showcased his natural hair color in several movies and public appearances. His blonde locks became an iconic part of his image and added to his heartthrob status.

Changing Looks

As an actor, Leonardo DiCaprio has always been dedicated to transforming himself for different roles. This dedication often extends to changing his hair color to suit the character he portrays.

Brunette Hair

In movies like “The Departed” and “Shutter Island,” Leonardo DiCaprio sported a darker shade of hair. His brown or brunette hair added depth to the characters he played and allowed him to fully immerse himself in their personas.

Blonde Hair

In other films such as “The Great Gatsby” and “Catch Me If You Can,” DiCaprio returned to his trademark blonde look. The light-colored hair perfectly complemented the charm and charisma he brought to these roles.

Facial Hair

In addition to experimenting with different hair colors, Leonardo DiCaprio has also sported various facial hairstyles throughout his career. From a clean-shaven look in “Titanic” to a full beard in “The Revenant,” he proves that facial hair can significantly alter one’s appearance along with their hair color.

The Signature Style

While Leonardo DiCaprio has showcased different hair colors over the years, many fans associate him with his natural blonde locks. The combination of his blue eyes and golden hair has become his signature style, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair color has gone through various transformations throughout his career. From his natural blonde to brunette shades, he has effortlessly adapted his appearance to suit the characters he portrays. Regardless of the color, DiCaprio’s hair has always been an integral part of his charm and appeal.

So, to answer the question – Leonardo DiCaprio’s natural hair color is blonde, but he is not afraid to experiment with different shades for the sake of his craft.