What Color Hair Is Zendaya?

Zendaya is a talented actress, singer, and model known for her stunning looks and unique style. One aspect of her appearance that often gets attention is her hair color.

So, what color hair does Zendaya actually have? Let’s dive into the details.

Zendaya’s Natural Hair Color

Firstly, it’s important to note that Zendaya’s natural hair color is not what you might expect. Despite her often rocking different hair colors, her natural hair color is actually dark brown.

Bold Experimentation

Zendaya is no stranger to experimenting with bold and vibrant hair colors. She has sported a variety of hues throughout her career, ranging from fiery red to icy blonde. These transformations are not only a testament to her versatility but also a reflection of her fearless personality.


One memorable hair color Zendaya has sported is fiery red. This bold choice added an extra dose of confidence to her overall look and made quite the statement on red carpets and in photo shoots.


Zendaya has also rocked blonde locks on several occasions. Whether it’s a sleek platinum blonde or a more natural-looking golden shade, she effortlessly pulls off this classic hue.

The Power of Wigs

While Zendaya loves experimenting with different hair colors, it’s worth mentioning that she often achieves these looks through the use of wigs. Wigs allow her to switch up her style without compromising the health or integrity of her natural hair.

The Importance of Hair Care

No matter the color Zendaya chooses to wear, one thing remains consistent: she prioritizes healthy hair care practices. Taking care of your hair is crucial regardless of whether you’re a celebrity or not. Zendaya often emphasizes the importance of proper hair care routines, including regular deep conditioning, protective styling, and avoiding excessive heat damage.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Zendaya’s natural hair color is dark brown, she loves to experiment with various bold and vibrant hues. From fiery red to icy blonde, she fearlessly embraces different looks using wigs. Regardless of the color she chooses, Zendaya emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy hair care practices.