What Character Does Nicki Minaj Play in Steven Universe?

Steven Universe is a popular animated series known for its diverse and colorful characters. One of the most exciting guest appearances in the show is none other than the iconic rapper, Nicki Minaj. Fans were thrilled to see her lend her voice to a character named Sugilite, a fusion of Amethyst and Garnet.

Sugilite – The Powerful Fusion

Sugilite made her first appearance in the episode “Coach Steven.” As a fusion gem, Sugilite possesses immense strength and agility.

Her purple skin and wild hair reflect both Amethyst’s and Garnet’s physical characteristics. Nicki Minaj’s voice brings an extra layer of intensity and attitude to this already fierce character.

In “Coach Steven,” Sugilite is formed to help Steven and the Crystal Gems with their mission. She exudes confidence and power, demolishing obstacles effortlessly with her mighty gauntlets. Her commanding presence leaves everyone in awe.

Nicki Minaj – A Perfect Fit

Nicki Minaj’s portrayal of Sugilite adds an unforgettable dynamic to the character. Known for her bold personality and unique rap style, Minaj brings these traits to Sugilite flawlessly.

With her distinctive voice, Minaj delivers Sugilite’s lines with charisma and conviction. Her performance perfectly captures the essence of this fierce fusion gem – confident, unstoppable, and larger than life.

A Legendary Collaboration

The collaboration between Nicki Minaj and Steven Universe has been celebrated by both fans of the show and fans of Minaj herself. It showcases how different forms of art can come together to create something truly extraordinary.

Minaj’s involvement in Steven Universe not only introduced new viewers to the show but also brought a fresh energy to Sugilite’s character. The combination of Minaj’s star power and the show’s already devoted fan base made for an unforgettable partnership.


In conclusion, Nicki Minaj plays the character Sugilite in Steven Universe, a fusion of Amethyst and Garnet. Her powerful portrayal adds depth and excitement to this already captivating animated series. Minaj’s unique voice and personality make Sugilite an unforgettable character that fans will continue to admire for years to come.

So, if you haven’t watched “Coach Steven” yet, make sure to check it out and experience the incredible fusion of Nicki Minaj’s talent with the magical world of Steven Universe!