What Cardi B Song Is Kylie Jenner In?

Cardi B is one of the most popular and influential artists in the music industry today. Known for her catchy beats and fierce lyrics, she has dominated the charts with hit after hit.

One of her most renowned songs is “WAP,” which features Megan Thee Stallion and made waves upon its release. However, did you know that reality TV star Kylie Jenner also made an appearance in this track?

The Controversial Collaboration

When “WAP” was released in August 2020, it caused quite a stir among fans and critics alike. The song’s explicit lyrics and provocative music video garnered attention from all corners of the world. While Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion were praised for their collaboration, Kylie Jenner’s cameo sparked controversy.

Many fans felt that Jenner’s appearance was unnecessary and took away from the overall message of female empowerment that the song aimed to convey. Some argued that it was a missed opportunity to feature other influential women who have actively contributed to women’s rights or have strong ties to the music industry.

Jenner’s Role in “WAP”

In the music video for “WAP,” Kylie Jenner appears towards the end of the song. She struts down a hallway while donning a leopard-print outfit, commanding attention with her presence. Although her appearance is brief, it became a talking point among fans.

The controversy surrounding Jenner’s involvement led to an online petition calling for her removal from the video, which garnered thousands of signatures. Fans argued that other notable figures who have been vocal about feminism should have been given an opportunity instead.

The Defense

Despite facing criticism, Cardi B defended Jenner’s cameo in “WAP.” In a tweet responding to fans’ backlash, she stated that Jenner is her friend and that not everything is about race. She emphasized that the collaboration was meant to be a surprise and a way to uplift other women.

Cardi B’s response sparked further debate, with supporters arguing that it was her choice to include Jenner in the video and that it shouldn’t be seen as diminishing the song’s message. However, critics maintained their stance that other influential figures could have been featured instead.

In Conclusion

While Cardi B’s song “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion continues to dominate the charts, Kylie Jenner’s cameo remains a topic of discussion. Whether you believe her appearance was unnecessary or not, it cannot be denied that the controversy surrounding it added another layer of intrigue to an already highly popular track.

  • Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion created a powerful anthem with “WAP.”
  • Kylie Jenner made a controversial cameo appearance in the music video.
  • Fans expressed mixed opinions about Jenner’s involvement.
  • Cardi B defended her decision to include Jenner in the video.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual listener to form their own opinion on whether Kylie Jenner’s presence in “WAP” enhances or detracts from the overall message of female empowerment conveyed by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.