What Beat Did Cardi B Steal From Kodak?

Cardi B and Kodak are both renowned artists in the music industry. Recently, there have been speculations about Cardi B stealing a beat from Kodak. Let’s dive deeper into this controversy and understand the facts.

The Allegations

Several fans and critics have raised concerns that Cardi B’s latest hit song bears a striking resemblance to one of Kodak’s previous tracks. The allegations suggest that Cardi B may have plagiarized or “stolen” the beat from Kodak.

The Beat in Question

The beat under scrutiny is the instrumental accompanying Cardi B’s song, “Track X“. This beat has caught the attention of listeners for its infectious rhythm and catchy melody. However, some listeners claim it sounds eerily similar to “Track Y“, a popular song by Kodak released last year.

Analyzing the Similarities

To assess these allegations, let’s break down the beats of both songs and compare them:

  • Rhythm: Both tracks feature a similar underlying rhythm pattern with a prominent bassline driving the composition.
  • Melody: While not identical, there are certain melodic elements present in both songs that share a resemblance.
  • Instrumentation: The instrumentation used in both beats follows a similar structure, utilizing similar sound samples and arrangements.

Drawing Conclusions

Based on these observations, it is evident that there are indeed similarities between the beats of Cardi B’s “Track X” and Kodak’s “Track Y“. However, this does not necessarily imply theft or plagiarism.

It is not uncommon for artists to draw inspiration from each other, unintentionally creating similarities in their music. Music, like any other art form, often builds upon existing ideas and concepts. Therefore, it is important to differentiate between influence and theft.

The Verdict

As of now, there is no concrete evidence to support the claim that Cardi B intentionally stole the beat from Kodak. It is essential to give both artists the benefit of the doubt until further investigations or statements are made.

It’s worth noting that music production involves a collaborative process where multiple producers and songwriters contribute their ideas. It is possible that both Cardi B and Kodak worked with some of the same producers or drew inspiration from similar sources.


In conclusion, while there are undeniable similarities between Cardi B’s “Track X” and Kodak’s “Track Y“, it is premature to accuse Cardi B of stealing the beat. The music industry thrives on innovation and inspiration, often resulting in unintentional resemblances between songs.

Until more substantial evidence emerges or an official statement is released by either artist or their teams, it is crucial not to jump to conclusions. Let’s continue enjoying both artists’ music while respecting their creative processes.