What Album Is Nicki Minaj on NBA YoungBoy?

What Album Is Nicki Minaj on NBA YoungBoy?

When it comes to collaborations in the music industry, unexpected pairings can often lead to incredible results. One such partnership that has caught the attention of fans is the collaboration between Nicki Minaj and NBA YoungBoy. As two artists from different genres, their coming together has created a buzz among music enthusiasts.

The Collaboration

The collaboration between Nicki Minaj and NBA YoungBoy is featured on NBA YoungBoy’s album titled “TOP.” Released on September 11, 2020, this album served as a platform for the young rapper to showcase his talent and collaborate with prominent artists like Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj’s Contribution

Nicki Minaj’s verse on the track titled “What That Speed Bout?!” brings her signature style and energy to the song. Known for her rapid-fire delivery and catchy wordplay, Nicki adds a dynamic element to NBA YoungBoy’s gritty rap style.


The lyrics of the song highlight both artists’ prowess in their respective styles. The combination of NBA YoungBoy’s raw energy and Nicki Minaj’s lyrical finesse creates an interesting contrast that keeps listeners engaged throughout.

  • “What That Speed Bout?!” showcases NBA YoungBoy’s raw talent as he delivers hard-hitting verses filled with street-inspired imagery.
  • Nicki Minaj complements his verses with her signature punchlines and confident delivery that has made her one of the most successful female rappers in the industry.

Fan Reception

As expected, this collaboration has garnered a lot of attention from fans and music critics alike. The combination of these two artists from different backgrounds has sparked excitement and curiosity among listeners.

The track has received positive feedback for its catchy hook, impressive flow, and the chemistry between Nicki Minaj and NBA YoungBoy. Fans have praised the collaboration for bringing together two distinct styles that blend seamlessly to create an infectious song.


This collaboration not only showcases the versatility of both artists but also serves as a bridge between different fan bases. It introduces Nicki Minaj’s loyal fan base to NBA YoungBoy’s music, while also exposing NBA YoungBoy’s fans to the world of Nicki Minaj.

By collaborating with an established artist like Nicki Minaj, NBA YoungBoy expands his reach and gains recognition on a larger scale. This partnership opens doors for future collaborations and potentially new listeners discovering his music.

In Conclusion

The collaboration between Nicki Minaj and NBA YoungBoy on the track “What That Speed Bout?!” is a testament to the power of unexpected partnerships in the music industry. Their distinct styles complement each other, resulting in an exciting track that has captured the attention of fans worldwide.

As we eagerly await future collaborations from these talented artists, it is clear that their union has created something special that will continue to resonate with fans for years to come.