What Accent Does Emily Blunt Have?

Emily Blunt, the talented and versatile British actress, has a captivating accent that has left many wondering about its origin. Born in London, England, Blunt’s accent can be described as a mix of Received Pronunciation (RP) and Estuary English.

Received Pronunciation (RP)

Received Pronunciation, often referred to as the Queen’s English or BBC English, is the standard accent associated with educated people in England. It is characterized by its clear pronunciation of vowels and consonants. Speakers of RP tend to pronounce their words with precision and clarity.

Emily Blunt’s upbringing in London has certainly influenced her accent. However, her speech does not strictly adhere to the traditional RP accent. Blunt’s accent also contains elements of Estuary English.

Estuary English

Estuary English is a regional variant of English that originated in the areas surrounding the River Thames estuary, including London. It is commonly associated with working-class communities and has gained popularity in recent years.

This unique accent combines features of both RP and Cockney accents. Estuary English speakers often drop their H sounds at the beginning of words (‘ouse’ instead of ‘house’) and use glottal stops instead of Ts (‘bu’er’ instead of ‘butter’). These characteristics give Estuary English a more relaxed and informal feel compared to RP.

Blunt’s Accent: A Blend

Emily Blunt’s accent can be considered a mix between Received Pronunciation and Estuary English. While she retains some elements of her London upbringing through Estuary English, her speech also reflects a more polished and refined tone associated with RP.

This blend allows Blunt’s voice to adapt effortlessly to various roles she portrays on screen. Whether it be her impeccable RP in period dramas like “The Young Victoria” or her more relaxed Estuary English in contemporary films like “The Devil Wears Prada,” Blunt’s accent is a testament to her versatility as an actress.

In Summary

Emily Blunt’s accent is a fascinating blend of Received Pronunciation and Estuary English. Growing up in London, she incorporates the clarity and precision of RP while also infusing elements of Estuary English for a more relaxed and authentic feel. This unique mix contributes to her ability to immerse herself into diverse roles with ease.

Now that you know a bit about Emily Blunt’s accent, listen closely next time you watch one of her films, and see if you can spot the subtle nuances that make her voice so distinctive!