What Accent Does Anne Hathaway Use in Hustle?

What Accent Does Anne Hathaway Use in Hustle?

Anne Hathaway is a versatile actress known for her incredible performances in a wide range of roles. In the movie “Hustle,” she once again showcases her talent by taking on a new accent to bring her character to life. Let’s dive into the accent she uses and how it adds depth to her portrayal.

The New Accent: British

In “Hustle,” Anne Hathaway adopts a British accent to portray her character, Josephine Chesterfield. This choice adds an extra layer of sophistication and charm to her performance, as well as highlighting the character’s upper-class background.

Why Choose a British Accent?

When actors take on different accents for their roles, it’s often done to create authenticity and enhance the believability of the characters they play. In the case of “Hustle,” the decision to use a British accent for Josephine Chesterfield serves several purposes.

  • Character Development: The British accent helps establish Josephine as an elegant and refined woman who operates within high society circles. It reflects her upbringing and upbringing, setting her apart from other characters in the film.
  • Cultural Context: As “Hustle” is set in Beaumont-sur-Mer on the French Riviera, Josephine’s British accent serves as a contrast to the predominantly French-speaking environment.

    This contrast further emphasizes her sophistication and foreignness within that setting.

  • Differentiation: By giving Josephine a distinct accent, Hathaway sets her character apart from other characters in the movie. This differentiation helps solidify Josephine’s unique personality and motivations throughout the story.

Hathaway’s Accent Training

It’s no secret that actors often need to undergo extensive training to master different accents for their roles. Anne Hathaway is no exception. To prepare for her portrayal of Josephine, she likely worked with dialect coaches to perfect her British accent.

Dialect coaches are professionals who specialize in helping actors develop accurate accents for their performances. They provide guidance on pronunciation, intonation, and regional variations to ensure authenticity.

The Importance of Accurate Accents

Accents play a crucial role in storytelling. When an actor nails the accent of their character, it adds an extra layer of realism and immersion to the performance. Accurate accents help create a believable world for the audience and contribute to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

In conclusion, Anne Hathaway uses a British accent in “Hustle” to bring depth and authenticity to her portrayal of Josephine Chesterfield. The choice of accent helps establish her character’s background, differentiates her from other characters, and adds cultural context within the film’s setting.

Hathaway’s dedication to mastering the accent through training demonstrates her commitment to delivering a convincing performance. Next time you watch “Hustle,” pay close attention to how Hathaway’s accent enhances her character’s presence on-screen.