Was Andrew Garfield on Doctor Who?

Andrew Garfield is a talented actor who has gained immense popularity for his roles in various movies and television shows. One of the most frequently asked questions about him is whether he appeared on the hit sci-fi series, Doctor Who.

So, was Andrew Garfield on Doctor Who? The answer is yes! In fact, he made a memorable guest appearance in the series back in 2007 during the third season.

The Episode: “Daleks in Manhattan”

The episode titled “Daleks in Manhattan” aired on April 21, 2007. In this thrilling episode, Andrew Garfield portrayed the character of Frank, a young man living in Depression-era New York City.

Fun Fact: This particular episode was part of a two-part story arc, with the second part being “Evolution of the Daleks.”

The Plot

The story revolves around the Doctor (played by David Tennant) and his companion Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman) as they find themselves in New York City during the 1930s. The city is plagued by mysterious disappearances and strange experiments conducted by none other than the Daleks.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched this episode yet and wish to experience it without prior knowledge, you might want to skip this section.

Frank’s Role

In “Daleks in Manhattan,” Frank is a construction worker struggling to make ends meet during tough economic times. Little does he know that his life is about to take an unexpected turn when he becomes entangled with the Daleks’ sinister plans.

  • Bold Moment: One of the most memorable scenes featuring Andrew Garfield is when Frank encounters the Daleks for the first time. His portrayal of fear and astonishment adds depth to the character’s emotions.
  • Underlined Moment: Another crucial scene is when Frank realizes the extent of the Daleks’ plans and must make a difficult decision that could impact not only his life but also the fate of New York City.

Andrew Garfield’s Performance

Andrew Garfield’s performance in “Daleks in Manhattan” was widely praised by both fans and critics alike. His ability to bring authenticity to his character made him a standout in this Doctor Who episode.

Interesting Fact: Andrew Garfield’s appearance on Doctor Who helped boost his career, eventually leading him to land major roles in movies like The Social Network and The Amazing Spider-Man.

In Conclusion

Yes, Andrew Garfield did appear on Doctor Who, playing the role of Frank in “Daleks in Manhattan.” His performance added depth and emotion to an already gripping episode. If you’re a fan of both Andrew Garfield and Doctor Who, this is definitely an episode you won’t want to miss!

So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy watching Andrew Garfield shine in this thrilling adventure alongside the Doctor!