Is Zendaya the One Singing in Euphoria?

Zendaya is an incredibly talented actress known for her roles in movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman. However, her latest project, the HBO series Euphoria, has left many fans wondering if she’s also the one singing on the show. Let’s take a closer look at whether Zendaya is indeed showcasing her musical abilities in Euphoria.

Zendaya’s Musical Background

Before we delve into whether Zendaya is singing in Euphoria, let’s first explore her musical background. Zendaya has always had a passion for music and began her career as a singer before transitioning into acting. In fact, she released her debut self-titled album back in 2013.

But is she singing in Euphoria?

The Musical Moments in Euphoria

Euphoria features several musical moments throughout its episodes. These moments add depth to the narrative and evoke emotions that resonate with the viewers. While some of these songs are performed by well-known artists like Labyrinth and Labrinth feat., others feature Zendaya herself.

  • “All For Us”: In the season finale of Euphoria, Zendaya delivers a breathtaking performance of “All For Us.” This hauntingly beautiful song showcases her vocal prowess and leaves viewers mesmerized.
  • “Zendaya’s Theme Song”: Another notable musical moment is the theme song of the show itself.

    The opening credits feature a captivating track that sets the mood for each episode. Although it’s not explicitly confirmed, many speculate that this song is sung by Zendaya.

Confirmation from Zendaya

While there hasn’t been an official statement from Zendaya about her involvement in the show’s music, her fans have been quick to pick up on her distinctive voice in certain scenes. Additionally, the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, has praised Zendaya’s musical abilities in interviews.

So, based on the evidence and speculation, it seems highly likely that Zendaya is indeed the one singing in certain moments throughout Euphoria. Her incredible acting skills combined with her musical talents truly make her a force to be reckoned with.


In conclusion, Zendaya’s performance in Euphoria goes beyond her acting abilities. While she may not be singing in every musical moment on the show, her vocal talents shine through in certain scenes. Whether it’s “All For Us” or the captivating theme song, Zendaya adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the series with her musical contributions.

So next time you watch Euphoria and hear a beautiful voice accompanying the intense visuals, you can be confident that it’s none other than Zendaya herself.