Is Zendaya Singing in the Euphoria Theme Song?

Is Zendaya Singing in the Euphoria Theme Song?

Euphoria, the hit HBO series, has captivated audiences with its intense storyline and stunning visuals. But one element that has caught the attention of fans is the hauntingly beautiful theme song. The question on everyone’s mind is: Is Zendaya, who plays the lead character Rue Bennett, the voice behind this mesmerizing track?

The Euphoria Theme Song

The Euphoria theme song, titled “All for Us,” is a collaboration between Zendaya and British musician Labrinth. Labrinth, known for his soulful vocals and unique sound, brings his signature style to this melancholic anthem.

Labrinth’s soulful voice effortlessly carries the emotional weight of the lyrics. The haunting melody combined with powerful lyrics creates a perfect backdrop for the series’ dark and gritty atmosphere.

Zendaya’s Musical Talent

While Zendaya is primarily known for her acting prowess, she also possesses considerable musical talent. In fact, she has showcased her singing abilities in various projects throughout her career.

  • The Greatest Showman: In this 2017 musical film, Zendaya played the role of trapeze artist Anne Wheeler. She not only impressed audiences with her acrobatic skills but also lent her enchanting voice to several songs in the film.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming: In Spider-Man’s first standalone film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Zendaya portrayed Michelle “MJ” Jones. While she didn’t sing in this particular movie, it highlighted her versatility as an actress.

These examples illustrate that Zendaya is no stranger to singing on screen. Her captivating performances have garnered praise from both fans and critics alike.

Labrinth’s Collaboration with Zendaya

Considering Zendaya’s previous musical endeavors, it is not surprising that Labrinth invited her to collaborate on the Euphoria theme song. The combination of Labrinth’s distinctive sound and Zendaya’s ethereal vocals creates a truly mesmerizing experience for listeners.

While it is Labrinth who takes the lead in “All for Us,” Zendaya’s voice can be heard harmonizing in certain parts of the song. Her hauntingly beautiful vocals add depth and emotion, perfectly complementing Labrinth’s powerful performance.

In Conclusion

So, is Zendaya singing in the Euphoria theme song? While she does contribute her enchanting voice to certain parts of “All for Us,” it is primarily Labrinth who takes center stage. However, Zendaya’s collaboration with Labrinth showcases her musical talent and adds an extra layer of magic to this already captivating track.

Euphoria fans can continue to enjoy the haunting melody of “All for Us” while appreciating the unique blend of Labrinth and Zendaya’s talents.