Is Zendaya Playing Lola in Space Jam?

Is Zendaya Playing Lola in Space Jam?

Rumors have been swirling around the upcoming film, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and one question that has been on everyone’s mind is whether or not Zendaya will be playing Lola Bunny. Let’s dive into the details and separate fact from fiction.

The Controversy

When the trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy was released, fans immediately noticed that Lola Bunny looked different from her appearance in the original film. The new Lola Bunny design sparked a heated debate on social media, with some fans expressing disappointment over the changes.

The New Design

One of the key changes in Lola Bunny’s design is her more athletic look. In an interview, director Malcolm D. Lee explained that they wanted to modernize Lola and portray her as a strong, capable basketball player. This decision was made to empower young girls who would be watching the film.

However, it’s important to note that while there have been discussions about the character’s redesign, there has been no official confirmation regarding who will be voicing Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Zendaya Rumors

Rumors started circulating online that Zendaya would be voicing Lola Bunny in the sequel. While it is true that Zendaya has an impressive voice acting career with notable roles in Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman, these rumors are purely speculative at this point.

No official announcement has been made regarding who will be providing the voice for Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy. It’s important not to jump to conclusions until we hear directly from the filmmakers or official sources.


In conclusion, while there has been controversy surrounding the redesign of Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy, there has been no confirmation about who will be voicing the character. The rumors about Zendaya playing Lola are just that – rumors. It’s essential to wait for official announcements before jumping to any conclusions.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is set to release in theaters and on HBO Max on July 16th, 2021. Until then, fans will have to patiently wait for more information about the film and its characters.