Is Offset the Father of Cardi B Daughter?

Is Offset the Father of Cardi B’s Daughter?

There has been much speculation and rumors surrounding the paternity of Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture. Since her birth in July 2018, fans have been curious to know if Offset, Cardi B’s then-husband, is indeed her father. Let’s delve into the details and see what we can uncover.

The On-Off Relationship

Cardi B and Offset had a tumultuous relationship, filled with ups and downs. They started dating in early 2017 and secretly got married in September of the same year. However, their relationship was far from smooth sailing.

Rumors of infidelity and cheating surrounded Offset throughout their time together. Cardi B even announced their separation in December 2018, just months after Kulture’s birth.

The DNA Test

Following their split, rumors started circulating about the paternity of Kulture. Many speculated that Offset might not be her biological father due to his alleged infidelity during their relationship.

To put an end to these speculations, Cardi B decided to conduct a DNA test. The test was done privately, with both Offset and Cardi B present for the process.

The Results Are In!

After weeks of waiting anxiously, the results finally came back confirming that Offset is indeed Kulture’s father. This revelation put an end to all the doubts and rumors surrounding her paternity.


Although they are no longer romantically involved, Cardi B and Offset have made it clear that they are committed to co-parenting Kulture. Despite their differences, they put their daughter’s well-being first.

Both Cardi B and Offset have been seen spending time with Kulture, sharing adorable family moments on social media. It’s heartwarming to see them set aside their personal issues and prioritize their child’s happiness.


In conclusion, the DNA test results have confirmed that Offset is indeed the father of Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture. Despite the challenges they faced in their relationship, both parents are committed to co-parenting and providing a loving environment for their child.

This revelation has put an end to all the speculations and rumors surrounding Kulture’s paternity. As fans, we can now focus on celebrating the beautiful bond between Cardi B, Offset, and their adorable daughter.