Is Nicki Minaj Still With Eminem?

Is Nicki Minaj Still With Eminem?

Over the past few years, there have been several rumors and speculations surrounding the relationship between two of the biggest names in the music industry – Nicki Minaj and Eminem. Fans have been eagerly waiting for confirmation regarding their alleged romance. In this article, we will delve into the details and try to unravel the truth.

The Rumors Begin

It all started back in 2018 when Nicki Minaj released a song called “Big Bank” featuring YG, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean. In her verse, she rapped:

“Told ’em I met Slim Shady, bagged an Em
Once he go black, he’ll be back again”

This verse sparked immediate speculation among fans and media outlets about a potential romantic involvement between Nicki Minaj and Eminem. The lyrics were seen as a hint towards a secret relationship.

The Social Media Tease

In response to the rumors, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to fuel the speculation even more. In a tweet, she humorously replied to a fan’s question about her relationship with Eminem by saying:


This simple yet ambiguous response sent their fans into a frenzy. The tweet garnered thousands of retweets and comments within minutes.

A Joke Gone Too Far?

However, it soon became apparent that Nicki Minaj’s response was nothing more than a joke. In subsequent tweets, she clarified that she was only kidding and that there was no truth to the rumors.

“Babe I thought we were gonna keep it on the low til the wedding. Yikes.

I’ll talk to you when I get home. “

Eminem, known for his cheeky sense of humor, also played along with the joke. During a live performance, he asked the crowd:

“How many of you want me to date Nicki Minaj?”

The audience erupted with excitement, but it was clear that this was all in good fun.

They Remain Just Friends

Since then, both Nicki Minaj and Eminem have reiterated that they are just friends. In interviews and social media interactions, they have dismissed any romantic involvement between them.

It is important to remember that celebrities often play up rumors and use social media to generate buzz around their music or projects. In this case, Nicki Minaj and Eminem seized the opportunity to create a buzz around their respective works by teasing their fans.

In Conclusion

Despite the initial rumors and playful teasing on social media, there is no evidence to suggest that Nicki Minaj and Eminem are in a romantic relationship. They remain good friends and continue to focus on their individual careers.

So, for all those hoping for a love story between these two music icons, it seems we will have to wait for another time.