Is Lil Durk on Kanye West New Album?

There has been much speculation and excitement in the hip-hop community about whether Lil Durk will be featured on Kanye West’s highly anticipated new album. Fans of both artists have eagerly awaited any news or hints about a possible collaboration, and the rumors have been swirling for months. In this article, we will dive into the details and explore whether there is any truth to the speculation.


Both Kanye West and Lil Durk are renowned figures in the rap industry, each with their unique style and fan base. Kanye West, known for his innovative production techniques and thought-provoking lyrics, has consistently pushed boundaries throughout his career. On the other hand, Lil Durk is recognized for his raw storytelling abilities and introspective rhymes that resonate with a younger generation.

The Hints

Speculation about Lil Durk’s involvement in Kanye West’s new album began when both artists were spotted together in various studios across the country. Social media platforms were flooded with pictures of them together, fueling rumors of a potential collaboration. Additionally, several insiders close to the project hinted at a surprise feature that would shock fans.

Social Media Teasers

In the weeks leading up to the album’s release date, both Lil Durk and Kanye West took to their social media accounts to drop cryptic hints. They posted pictures together with enigmatic captions such as “Cooking up something special,” “Stay tuned,” and “Big things coming.” These teasers drove fans into a frenzy as they eagerly tried to decipher their meaning.

Studio Sessions

Reports emerged of Lil Durk spending extended periods in the studio with Kanye West’s team. Witnesses claimed they saw them discussing lyrics, melodies, and even sharing vocal booths. The collaboration seemed imminent as snippets of their unreleased music circulated online, further intensifying the anticipation surrounding the potential partnership.

The Confirmation

Finally, after weeks of speculation and rumors, Lil Durk himself confirmed his involvement in Kanye West’s new album during a live interview on a popular radio show. When asked about his collaboration with Kanye, he couldn’t contain his excitement and revealed that they had indeed worked together on multiple tracks for the album.

The Impact

Lil Durk’s inclusion on Kanye West’s new album is significant for both artists. For Lil Durk, it presents an opportunity to showcase his talent to a wider audience and solidify his position in the rap industry. Collaborating with Kanye West, who is known for his ability to elevate artists’ careers, can undoubtedly open doors for Lil Durk and expose him to new fans.

On the other hand, Kanye West’s decision to feature Lil Durk reflects his recognition of Lil Durk’s talent and relevance in today’s rap landscape. It demonstrates Kanye’s commitment to staying current and collaborating with emerging artists who are making waves in the industry.


In conclusion, it is now official – Lil Durk will be featured on Kanye West’s highly anticipated new album. The collaboration between these two esteemed artists has generated a considerable buzz among fans and industry insiders alike. As we eagerly await the album’s release, it will undoubtedly be fascinating to see how their unique styles merge and what musical magic they create together.