Is Leonardo DiCaprio Still Filming in Oklahoma?

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Still Filming in Oklahoma?

There has been a buzz in the entertainment industry about Leonardo DiCaprio’s new film project set in Oklahoma. Fans and movie enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to know if the talented actor is still filming in the Sooner State. Let’s dive into the details and find out what’s happening with DiCaprio’s latest venture.

The Project

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his incredible performances and dedication to his craft. His current project brings him to Oklahoma, a state known for its diverse landscapes and unique charm. The film, titled “Oklahoma Odyssey,” promises to be an epic adventure that captures the essence of the region.

The Plot

“Oklahoma Odyssey” tells the story of a small-town detective who uncovers a hidden treasure buried deep within the heartland. As he embarks on his quest, he encounters various challenges and meets fascinating characters along the way. The film explores themes of self-discovery, courage, and the power of community.

The Filming Locations

Oklahoma offers a wide range of landscapes, perfect for capturing stunning visuals on camera. From rolling plains to dense forests, picturesque towns to bustling cities, this state has it all. The production team has scouted various locations across Oklahoma to bring authenticity to every scene.

  • Tulsa: The vibrant cityscape of Tulsa provides an urban backdrop for some intense chase sequences.
  • Wichita Mountains: The rugged terrain of Wichita Mountains adds drama and grandeur to crucial moments in the film.
  • Route 66: This iconic highway serves as a symbol of adventure and nostalgia as our protagonist embarks on his journey.
  • Tahlequah: The charming town of Tahlequah showcases the spirit of small-town America and serves as a pivotal setting for the story.

DiCaprio’s Involvement

Leonardo DiCaprio not only stars in “Oklahoma Odyssey” but also serves as one of the producers. His passion for the project is evident, as he has spent considerable time researching and immersing himself in the history and culture of Oklahoma. DiCaprio’s dedication to authenticity ensures that viewers will experience a truly captivating cinematic journey.

The Current Status

As of now, Leonardo DiCaprio is still filming scenes in Oklahoma. The production has been meticulously planned to adhere to safety guidelines and regulations, ensuring the well-being of the cast and crew. Fans can expect an awe-inspiring film that highlights the beauty and allure of Oklahoma.


The excitement surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio’s film in Oklahoma continues to grow. With its compelling plot, breathtaking filming locations, and DiCaprio’s involvement, “Oklahoma Odyssey” is poised to be a remarkable cinematic experience. Keep an eye out for updates on this promising project, as it brings together talent, storytelling, and the enchanting landscapes of Oklahoma.