Is Kenneth Petty Still With Nicki Minaj?

Is Kenneth Petty Still With Nicki Minaj?

Love and relationships in the world of celebrities always capture our attention. One such high-profile relationship that has been making headlines is that of rapper Nicki Minaj and her beau Kenneth Petty.

Fans have been eagerly following their journey, wondering if they are still together or if there have been any recent developments. Let’s dive into the details and find out!

The Beginning of their Love Story

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty started dating in late 2018, but their history goes way back. They actually grew up together in Queens, New York, which adds a nostalgic touch to their relationship. The couple made their romance public in December 2018 through an Instagram post where they posed together.

Their On-again, Off-again Status

Like many celebrity couples, Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty have faced their fair share of ups and downs. There were rumors of a possible split in early 2020 when fans noticed that Nicki had removed pictures of her and Kenneth from her social media accounts. However, the couple soon rekindled their romance and put those rumors to rest.

Update: As of now, it seems that Nicki Minaj is still with Kenneth Petty.

The Controversies Surrounding Kenneth

Kenneth Petty has faced controversies throughout his relationship with Nicki Minaj. One major concern revolves around his criminal history.

He is a registered sex offender due to an incident that occurred when he was a teenager. This has raised eyebrows among fans and critics alike.

Nicki’s Defense

Nicki Minaj has always been supportive of her partner despite the controversies surrounding him. In an Instagram Live session, she defended Kenneth, stating that he was convicted of a crime as a teenager and has since matured and changed for the better.

Their Future Together

Although there have been no recent updates on their relationship status, Nicki Minaj has expressed her desire to start a family with Kenneth Petty. In October 2019, she announced their marriage on social media, referring to him as her “husband.” The couple has also been seen shopping for baby clothes, leading to speculation that they may be expecting their first child.

In conclusion, it appears that Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty are still together. Despite the controversies surrounding their relationship, they have managed to overcome obstacles and continue building a future together. Fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on this power couple as they navigate their journey of love and fame.