Is Jesse Eisenberg Friends With Andrew Garfield?

Are Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield friends? This is a question that has often intrigued fans of the talented actors. Let’s dive into their relationship and find out if they are truly friends or just co-stars.

The Beginning

Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield first crossed paths during the filming of the critically acclaimed movie, “The Social Network” in 2010. Eisenberg played the role of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, while Garfield portrayed Eduardo Saverin, Zuckerberg’s best friend and co-founder.

During the production of “The Social Network,” both actors spent a significant amount of time together on set. They had to develop a strong rapport to accurately portray their characters’ complex friendship onscreen.

A Strong Bond

Through their shared experiences during filming, it is believed that Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield developed a genuine bond. Their performances were highly praised, and they both received critical acclaim for their roles in the film.


Rumors about their friendship intensified when Jesse Eisenberg mentioned Andrew Garfield in interviews after wrapping up “The Social Network.” He referred to Garfield as a talented actor and expressed his admiration for his work ethic.

However, it is important to note that both actors are known for being private individuals and rarely discuss their personal relationships in public. They prefer to keep their personal lives separate from their professional ones.

Reunion in “The Amazing Spider-Man”

A few years after “The Social Network,” Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield found themselves working together again on another high-profile project. In 2013, Garfield starred as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchise while Eisenberg took on the role of Lex Luthor in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in 2016.

Did Their Paths Cross?

While they were both involved in comic book adaptations, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that their paths crossed during the production of these films. It is possible that they were focused on their respective roles and did not have much interaction off-screen.

The Verdict

So, are Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield friends? While there is no definitive answer, it seems likely that they share a mutual respect for each other’s work. They had the opportunity to collaborate closely during “The Social Network,” which may have laid the foundation for a friendship.

In Conclusion

Although there is limited information about their current relationship, fans can appreciate the onscreen chemistry and memorable performances delivered by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. Whether or not they are close friends, their work together will always be remembered as some of the best in modern cinema.