Is Gia Zendaya Sister?

Is Gia Zendaya Sister?

Zendaya has quickly risen to fame as a talented actress, singer, and fashion icon. With her captivating performances and stunning style, many people are curious about her personal life, including whether she has any siblings.

One name that often comes up in relation to Zendaya is Gia Zendaya. So, is Gia Zendaya her sister? Let’s find out.

Gia Zendaya: Who is She?

Gia Zendaya is not actually related to Zendaya Coleman, the actress we all know and love. Despite some online rumors and confusion, Gia Zendaya is not her sister or any close family member. It’s important to be cautious when believing information found on the internet, as misinformation can easily spread.

Zendaya’s Real Siblings

While Gia Zendaya may not be related to the star actress, Zendaya does have siblings of her own. Her real siblings are named Kaylee Stoermer Coleman and AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman.

  • Kaylee Stoermer Coleman: Kaylee is Zendaya’s older sister. She has stayed largely out of the public eye and leads a private life away from the entertainment industry.
  • AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman: AnnaBella is also an older sister of Zendaya. Like Kaylee, she prefers to keep a low profile and isn’t involved in showbiz.

Despite not being in the spotlight like their famous sister, Kaylee and AnnaBella have always been supportive of Zendaya’s career.

The Zendaya Siblings’ Relationship

Although we don’t see them together often, Zendaya has spoken about her close bond with her sisters. She has expressed gratitude for having them as a support system throughout her journey in the entertainment industry.

While Gia Zendaya may not be a part of the family, the Coleman siblings share a special connection that has helped Zendaya navigate her success with grace and humility.


In summary, Gia Zendaya is not related to Zendaya Coleman. The confusion surrounding this topic emphasizes the importance of fact-checking and relying on credible sources when seeking information.

As for Zendaya’s real siblings, she has two older sisters named Kaylee Stoermer Coleman and AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman. Although they prefer to maintain a private life, they have always supported and loved their famous sister.