Is Deb Nicki Minaj Manager?

There has been a lot of speculation and confusion surrounding the question – Is Deb Nicki Minaj’s manager? In this article, we will dive into the details and clear up any misconceptions.

The Role of a Manager

Before we address the specific question about Deb’s role as Nicki Minaj’s manager, let’s first understand the responsibilities of a manager in the music industry. A manager is an individual or a team that represents and guides an artist’s career. They handle various aspects such as bookings, contracts, negotiations, and overall strategic planning.

Nicki Minaj’s Manager

Contrary to popular belief, Deb Antney is not Nicki Minaj’s manager. Deb Antney is a well-known figure in the music industry and has managed several successful artists throughout her career. However, she has never managed Nicki Minaj.

It is important to note that Nicki Minaj has had multiple managers throughout her career. Her first manager was Debra “Dee” Anthony, who guided her early on in her journey to stardom. As Nicki’s career progressed, she transitioned to working with other management teams such as Gee Roberson and Cortez Bryant from Blueprint Group.

The Influence of Deb Antney

Although Deb Antney is not Nicki Minaj’s manager, she has had an impact on her career. Deb is known for her role as the founder and CEO of Mizay Entertainment, a management company that has represented artists like Gucci Mane and French Montana.

In fact, it was through Mizay Entertainment that Nicki Minaj initially gained exposure in the music industry. Deb played a crucial role in connecting Nicki with influential people in the business and helping her secure early opportunities.


In summary, Deb Antney is not Nicki Minaj’s manager. While she has played a significant role in Nicki’s early career through her company Mizay Entertainment, Nicki has had different managers over the years. It is essential to separate facts from rumors and acknowledge the contributions of various individuals in an artist’s journey to success.