Is Cardi B and Bruno Mars Friends?

Cardi B and Bruno Mars are two immensely popular artists in the music industry. Their collaborations have taken the world by storm, leading many fans to wonder if they are friends offstage as well. Let’s dive into this topic and explore the relationship between these talented musicians.


Cardi B and Bruno Mars first joined forces in 2018 when they released the hit single “Finesse.” This collaboration showcased their incredible chemistry and musical prowess, garnering widespread acclaim. The music video for “Finesse” paid homage to the 1990s sitcom “In Living Color,” adding a nostalgic touch to their collaboration.

The success of “Finesse” led Cardi B and Bruno Mars to team up again in 2019 for another chart-topping track called “Please Me.” This sultry R&B song further solidified their creative compatibility, leaving fans eager for more collaborations between the two.

Friendship Status

While Cardi B and Bruno Mars have undeniably created magic together in the studio, it is unclear whether they are close friends outside of their professional relationship. Both artists have expressed mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talent, but there is limited public information about their personal bond.

However, it is worth noting that Cardi B has publicly praised Bruno Mars on numerous occasions. In interviews, she has referred to him as a “great artist” and “amazing performer.” This level of admiration suggests that there may be a genuine friendship between them.

Social Media Interaction

Social media platforms provide a glimpse into celebrities’ lives, allowing fans to speculate about their relationships. While Cardi B and Bruno Mars do not frequently interact on social media, they have shown support for each other’s work.

Cardi B has shared Bruno Mars’ music videos on her Instagram stories, expressing excitement about his new releases. Similarly, Bruno Mars has shown appreciation for Cardi B’s success by liking and commenting on her posts.


While the exact nature of Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ friendship remains private, their collaborations and public acknowledgments of each other suggest a mutual respect and admiration. Whether they are close friends or simply colleagues who appreciate each other’s talent, their musical chemistry continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

In summary, Cardi B and Bruno Mars have collaborated on multiple successful tracks, showcasing their musical compatibility. While their friendship status is uncertain, public endorsements and interactions indicate a positive relationship between these two talented artists.