Is Anne Hathaway in Life of the Party?

Is Anne Hathaway in Life of the Party?

Life of the Party is a comedy film released in 2018 directed by Ben Falcone and starring Melissa McCarthy. It follows the story of Deanna, played by McCarthy, who decides to go back to college after her husband asks for a divorce. With her daughter also attending the same college, Deanna embraces the opportunity to reinvent herself and make the most out of her newfound freedom.

Plot Summary:

The movie primarily focuses on Deanna’s journey as she navigates through college life. She quickly becomes popular among her younger peers and starts enjoying all the experiences that she missed out on in her youth. With her infectious charm and carefree attitude, Deanna manages to win over everyone around her.


The cast of Life of the Party includes several talented actors and actresses, but Anne Hathaway is not one of them. Although Hathaway is well-known for her versatile performances in movies like “Les Misérables” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” she does not appear in this particular film.

Melissa McCarthy as Deanna

  • Melissa McCarthy delivers a hilarious performance as Deanna, bringing her unique comedic timing and physicality to the role.
  • Her character undergoes a transformation throughout the story, from a timid housewife to a confident woman embracing life to the fullest.

Other Notable Cast Members:

  • Gillian Jacobs as Helen – Helen is one of Deanna’s quirky friends at college who supports her through thick and thin.
  • Maya Rudolph as Christine – Christine is Deanna’s best friend and provides comedic relief throughout the film.
  • Julie Bowen as Marcie – Marcie is a snobby and judgmental mother who clashes with Deanna.


While Anne Hathaway is a talented actress, she does not appear in the movie Life of the Party. However, fans of Melissa McCarthy and light-hearted comedies will still find plenty to enjoy in this entertaining film. With McCarthy’s comedic prowess and an ensemble cast, Life of the Party delivers laughs and heartwarming moments that make it worth watching.