Is Andrew Garfield in Doctor Who?

Is Andrew Garfield in Doctor Who?

If you are a fan of both Doctor Who and Andrew Garfield, you may be wondering if the talented actor has ever made an appearance on the beloved British sci-fi series. In this article, we will explore whether Andrew Garfield has been a part of the Doctor Who universe.

Andrew Garfield’s Acting Career

Before diving into the question at hand, let’s take a moment to appreciate Andrew Garfield’s impressive acting career. Born on August 20, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, Garfield is known for his versatile performances on stage and screen.

Garfield rose to international fame with his portrayal of Peter Parker in “The Amazing Spider-Man” film series. His compelling performances have earned him critical acclaim and several prestigious awards throughout his career.

The Doctor Who Universe

Doctor Who is a long-running British television show that first aired in 1963. The series follows the adventures of an alien Time Lord known as the Doctor, who travels through time and space in a time machine called the TARDIS.

Over its many years on air, Doctor Who has featured numerous actors playing the iconic role of the Doctor. Each actor brings their own unique interpretation to the character, captivating audiences with their charm and wit.

No Andrew Garfield in Doctor Who

Despite Andrew Garfield’s talent and popularity as an actor, he has not appeared in any episodes of Doctor Who. While it would undoubtedly be exciting to see him join the ranks of other talented actors who have graced the show, such as David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker, it has yet to happen.

It is worth noting that many actors who have gone on to achieve great success, like Andrew Garfield, have started their careers on British television. However, Doctor Who has not been part of Garfield’s journey.

Other Doctor Who Guest Stars

Although Andrew Garfield has not appeared in Doctor Who, the show has had its fair share of notable guest stars over the years. From esteemed actors such as Sir Derek Jacobi and John Hurt to musicians like Kylie Minogue and Ed Sheeran, Doctor Who has attracted a diverse array of talent.

The series has often featured guest stars in pivotal roles, creating memorable moments that enhance the overall narrative. Whether it’s a famous face or a lesser-known actor delivering a captivating performance, these guest appearances contribute to the show’s enduring popularity.


In conclusion, while Andrew Garfield is a talented actor with an impressive body of work, he has not made an appearance in Doctor Who. As fans eagerly await the next chapter in the show’s history, there is always the possibility of new and exciting guest stars joining the Doctor on their adventures through time and space.

Who knows? Maybe one day we will see Andrew Garfield donning a bowtie or sonic screwdriver in an episode of Doctor Who. Until then, we can continue to enjoy his performances on both the big and small screens.