How Old Was Zendaya When She Competed on Dancing With the Stars?

Zendaya Coleman, popularly known as Zendaya, is a talented American actress, singer, and dancer. She rose to fame with her role as Rocky Blue in the Disney Channel series “Shake It Up.”

Apart from her acting skills, Zendaya has also showcased her dancing abilities on the hit reality show “Dancing With the Stars.” Let’s dive into how old she was when she competed on this show.

Zendaya’s Dancing Journey

At the young age of 16, Zendaya became one of the youngest celebrities to ever compete on “Dancing With the Stars.” In its sixteenth season, which aired in 2013, Zendaya partnered with professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy. The duo immediately caught everyone’s attention with their exceptional chemistry and impressive dance moves.

The Youngest Contestant

Zendaya’s participation in “Dancing With the Stars” made headlines for many reasons. Not only was she a highly talented performer, but she also stood out due to her age.

Born on September 1, 1996, Zendaya was just 16 years old when she joined the competition. Despite her youthfulness, she proved to be a formidable contender throughout the entire season.

Zendaya’s Journey on Season 16

Throughout the season, Zendaya consistently impressed both judges and audiences with her incredible performances. Her natural talent and dedication to perfecting each dance routine earned her high scores week after week.

  • Week 1: Zendaya kicked off her journey with a contemporary routine that left everyone amazed.
  • Week 4: She wowed everyone with a Viennese waltz that showcased both grace and maturity beyond her years.
  • Week 8: One of her standout performances was a samba, which received rave reviews from the judges.
  • Week 9: Zendaya showcased her versatility by performing a thrilling jive that earned her a perfect score of 30.
  • Week 10: In the final week, Zendaya and Valentin performed an amazing freestyle routine that solidified their frontrunner status.

The Final Result

After an incredible season filled with jaw-dropping performances, Zendaya and Valentin made it to the finals. The talented duo went head-to-head with other celebrity contestants for the coveted mirrorball trophy. Although they didn’t emerge as the winners, Zendaya and Valentin finished in an impressive second place.

A Star is Born

Zendaya’s journey on “Dancing With the Stars” not only showcased her dancing abilities but also helped solidify her status as a rising star in Hollywood. Her charisma, talent, and work ethic made her a fan favorite throughout the competition.

In conclusion, Zendaya was just 16 years old when she competed on “Dancing With the Stars” during its sixteenth season. Her remarkable performances and youthful energy captivated audiences worldwide. Today, she continues to impress both on-screen and off-screen with her diverse skill set and undeniable talent.