How Much Money Has Leonardo DiCaprio Made?

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most successful and highest-earning actors in Hollywood. He has not only won critical acclaim for his performances but has also made a significant impact on the box office. Let’s take a closer look at just how much money this talented actor has made throughout his career.

Early Career Success

DiCaprio’s breakthrough role came in 1993 with his portrayal of Johnny Depp’s mentally challenged brother in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” This performance earned him his first Academy Award nomination at the age of 19. While the film wasn’t a massive commercial success, it showcased DiCaprio’s immense talent and potential.

After this breakthrough role, DiCaprio went on to star in several critically acclaimed films, including “Romeo + Juliet” (1996) and “Titanic” (1997). It was the latter that truly catapulted him into superstardom. Titanic became a global phenomenon, grossing over $2 billion worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing film of all time until “Avatar” dethroned it.

The Blockbuster Era

Following the success of Titanic, DiCaprio became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors. He collaborated with renowned director Martin Scorsese on several projects, including “Gangs of New York” (2002), “The Aviator” (2004), and “The Departed” (2006). These films not only received critical acclaim but also performed well at the box office.

  • Gross Earnings: Gangs of New York – $193 million
  • Gross Earnings: The Aviator – $213 million
  • Gross Earnings: The Departed – $289 million

DiCaprio’s collaboration with Christopher Nolan in “Inception” (2010) and “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) further solidified his position as a box office draw. Both films were huge financial successes, with “Inception” grossing over $800 million worldwide.

Oscar Win and Recent Endeavors

Despite his immense popularity and critical acclaim, DiCaprio had to wait until 2016 to win his first Academy Award for Best Actor. His performance in “The Revenant” was widely praised, and the film went on to gross over $500 million worldwide.

Since then, DiCaprio has continued to choose roles that not only showcase his acting skills but also contribute to important social and environmental causes. He starred in films like “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013), which grossed over $390 million worldwide, and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019), which earned over $370 million worldwide.

Total Earnings

Considering all of DiCaprio’s successful films throughout his career, it is estimated that his total earnings exceed $300 million. This includes both his salary as an actor and additional income from producing projects through his production company, Appian Way.

In conclusion, Leonardo DiCaprio’s talent and hard work have undoubtedly paid off. From his early success in “Titanic” to winning an Oscar for “The Revenant,” he has consistently delivered remarkable performances while also earning a substantial amount of money throughout his career.