How Much Is the Ring Offset Bought Cardi B?

How Much Is the Ring Offset Bought Cardi B?

Cardi B is no stranger to luxury and extravagant gifts. From designer clothes to luxurious cars, the rapper has always been in the spotlight for her lavish lifestyle.

One of the most talked-about gifts that Cardi B received is the stunning ring from her husband, Offset. Let’s dive into the details of this incredible piece of jewelry and find out how much it cost.

The Ring: A Symbol of Love and Opulence

Offset surprised Cardi B with a breathtaking ring that left everyone in awe. The ring features a massive diamond in the center, surrounded by smaller diamonds on a platinum band.

The sheer size and brilliance of the ring make it truly remarkable.

Price Tag: The exact price of the ring remains undisclosed, but experts estimate its value to be around $5 million. It’s not surprising considering its exceptional design and top-notch craftsmanship.

What Makes This Ring So Special?

The ring is not only valuable due to its price but also because of its unique features. Here are some notable aspects that make it stand out:

  • Diamond Cut: The diamond is cut in an oval shape, which enhances its brilliance and elegance.
  • Carat Weight: The center diamond alone weighs approximately 20 carats, adding to its rarity and value.
  • Clarity and Color: The diamonds used in this ring are known for their exceptional clarity and colorless nature, making them highly desirable.
  • Craftsmanship: The intricate detailing on the band showcases expert craftsmanship, adding to the overall allure of the ring.

Comparable Rings in the Market

While Cardi B’s ring is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind, there are other rings in the market that offer a similar level of opulence and grandeur. Here are a few examples:

Adele’s Engagement Ring

Adele’s engagement ring is valued at around $1 million. It features a stunning yellow diamond surrounded by smaller white diamonds on a gold band.

While it may not be as extravagant as Cardi B’s ring, it still holds its own in terms of elegance and style.

Beyoncé’s Engagement Ring

Beyoncé’s engagement ring is estimated to be worth $5 million, just like Cardi B’s ring. It boasts an 18-carat emerald-cut diamond on a platinum band.

The size and clarity of the diamond make it a true showstopper.


Cardi B’s ring from Offset is not just a piece of jewelry; it represents their love and commitment. With its remarkable design and incredible value, this ring undoubtedly adds to Cardi B’s collection of luxurious items.

While most of us can only dream of owning such extravagant pieces, it’s fascinating to admire these jewels from afar.