How Much Did Cardi B Make From Bodak Yellow?

Cardi B’s breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” took the world by storm when it was released in 2017. The song, which propelled Cardi B to superstar status, not only became a cultural phenomenon but also proved to be a major financial success for the rapper.

The Journey to Success

Before we dive into the numbers, let’s take a moment to appreciate Cardi B’s journey to success. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Cardi B started her career as a stripper before gaining fame through her viral Instagram videos. She then made her way onto reality TV with her appearance on Love & Hip Hop: New York.

However, it was her foray into music that truly solidified her place in the industry. With “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B became the first solo female rapper to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart since Lauryn Hill in 1998.

The Financial Breakdown

Now, let’s get down to business and talk about how much Cardi B actually made from “Bodak Yellow.”

  • Songwriting Royalties: As the songwriter of “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B earned a substantial amount of money from songwriting royalties. Every time the song is played on the radio or streamed online, she receives a percentage of those earnings.
  • Streaming Revenue: In today’s digital age, streaming has become one of the primary sources of income for artists. With millions of streams on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, Cardi B undoubtedly raked in a significant amount of revenue from “Bodak Yellow. “
  • YouTube Views: YouTube plays a crucial role in an artist’s revenue stream.

    The official music video for “Bodak Yellow” has garnered billions of views, which translates into substantial ad revenue for Cardi B.

  • Merchandise Sales: With the success of “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B also capitalized on merchandise sales. T-shirts, hoodies, and other products featuring lyrics or imagery from the song were in high demand, further boosting her earnings.
  • Live Performances: As an in-demand artist, Cardi B commands a hefty fee for live performances. The popularity of “Bodak Yellow” undoubtedly led to increased demand for her as a performer, resulting in lucrative concert deals.

The Bottom Line

While the exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it’s safe to say that Cardi B made a significant amount of money from “Bodak Yellow.” The song’s massive success allowed her to establish herself as one of the most influential and highest-paid rappers in the industry today.

In addition to the financial rewards, “Bodak Yellow” also opened doors for Cardi B in terms of brand partnerships, endorsements, and other lucrative opportunities. The song not only boosted her bank account but also solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

In Conclusion

“Bodak Yellow” was more than just a hit song for Cardi B—it was a game-changer. From its infectious beat to its empowering lyrics, the track resonated with audiences worldwide. And while we may never know exactly how much Cardi B made from “Bodak Yellow,” there’s no denying that it played a pivotal role in her rise to fame and fortune.