How Many Times Did Zendaya Attend the Met Gala?

Zendaya is a talented actress, singer, and fashion icon who has graced the Met Gala multiple times with her stunning looks. Let’s take a closer look at the number of times she has attended this prestigious event.

The Met Gala: A Fashion Extravaganza

The Met Gala, also known as the Costume Institute Gala, is an annual fundraising event held in New York City. Organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, it serves as an opening celebration for its annual fashion exhibition. This star-studded event brings together the biggest names from various industries, including fashion, film, music, and art.

Zendaya’s Met Gala Appearances

Zendaya has become synonymous with style and elegance on the red carpet. Her unique fashion choices have consistently caught the attention of both critics and fans alike. Over the years, Zendaya has attended the Met Gala on four different occasions:

  • 2017: Zendaya made her first appearance at the Met Gala in 2017. She stunned everyone with her bold and avant-garde look inspired by Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garcons designs.
  • 2018: In 2018, Zendaya once again graced the red carpet with her presence.

    She embraced the theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” with a Joan of Arc-inspired silver gown.

  • 2019: The following year saw Zendaya channeling Cinderella on the red carpet. Her light-up Tommy Hilfiger gown left everyone in awe and became one of the most memorable looks of that year.
  • 2021: After a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, Zendaya returned to the Met Gala in 2021. She chose to honor American fashion with a stunning custom gown by Valentino, paying homage to the iconic looks of Cher.

The Impact of Zendaya’s Met Gala Looks

Zendaya’s appearances at the Met Gala have become iconic moments in fashion history. Her bold choices and ability to embrace each year’s theme with creativity and grace have solidified her as a fashion force to be reckoned with. Each year, she effortlessly captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression that resonates far beyond the red carpet.

Bold Fashion Choices

Zendaya’s Met Gala looks are never ordinary; they always push boundaries and challenge traditional fashion norms. Her willingness to take risks and showcase her unique sense of style has earned her admiration from fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Inspiration for Others

Zendaya’s Met Gala appearances have inspired countless individuals who look up to her as a style icon. She encourages others to embrace their individuality, experiment with fashion, and use it as a means of self-expression.

Redefining Red Carpet Fashion

Through her Met Gala appearances, Zendaya has redefined red carpet fashion by proving that it can be both glamorous and thought-provoking. Her looks often spark conversations about art, culture, and societal issues – making her an influential figure in the industry.


Zendaya has attended the Met Gala four times so far, leaving an indelible mark on each occasion. Her ability to translate each year’s theme into breathtaking ensembles showcases not only her impeccable style but also her creativity as an artist. With each appearance, she continues to solidify her status as a fashion icon and an inspiration for generations to come.