How Many Nicki Minaj Documentaries Are There?

Are you a fan of Nicki Minaj and curious about how many documentaries have been made about her? Well, you’re in luck!

In this article, we will explore the world of Nicki Minaj documentaries and discover just how many there are. So, let’s dive in!

Documentaries Featuring Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is a highly influential and talented rapper, singer, and songwriter who has made waves in the music industry. Her unique style and empowering lyrics have garnered her a massive fan base worldwide.

Over the years, several documentaries have been produced to provide fans with an intimate look into Nicki Minaj’s life, career, and journey to success. These documentaries offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her artistry, struggles, and triumphs.

1. “My Time Again” (2015)

This documentary takes viewers on a journey through Nicki Minaj’s life during the making of her third studio album “The Pinkprint.” It offers an inside look at her creative process, personal life, and the challenges she faced while balancing fame and personal relationships.

2. “The Pinkprint Movie” (2014)

“The Pinkprint Movie” is a short film that serves as a visual companion to Nicki Minaj’s album “The Pinkprint.” Directed by Taylor Cohen, this documentary-style film showcases various songs from the album while exploring themes such as heartbreak, self-reflection, and empowerment.

3. “Nicki Minaj: My Time Is Now” (2010)

This early documentary offers a glimpse into Nicki Minaj’s rise to stardom.

It follows her journey from humble beginnings in Trinidad to becoming one of the most successful female artists in the music industry. Viewers get to see her dedication, determination, and the hard work she put in to achieve her dreams.

Upcoming Documentaries

In addition to the existing documentaries, there have been rumors of upcoming projects that will further explore Nicki Minaj’s life and career. While no official announcements have been made, fans eagerly anticipate any new releases or documentaries that may be on the horizon.


Nicki Minaj’s impact on the music industry cannot be overstated, and these documentaries provide a unique opportunity for fans to gain a deeper understanding of her journey. Whether you’re interested in her creative process, personal life, or simply want to enjoy her music through visual storytelling, these documentaries offer a captivating experience.

So, if you’re a fan of Nicki Minaj and want to delve into her world beyond just her music, be sure to check out these documentaries and stay tuned for any upcoming releases!