How Many Husbands Nicki Minaj Have?

One of the most popular questions about Nicki Minaj is how many husbands she has had. The rapper, known for her bold personality and chart-topping hits, has been in the public eye for years. Let’s dive into her marital history and find out the answer to this burning question.

Early Relationships

Nicki Minaj’s journey in the music industry began in the late 2000s. During this time, she was involved in a few high-profile relationships, but none of them led to marriage.

Safaree Samuels

One of Nicki Minaj’s longest and most publicized relationships was with Safaree Samuels. The couple started dating in 2002 and broke up in 2014 after a tumultuous on-and-off relationship. However, they were never married.

The Marriage That Never Was

In December 2018, Nicki Minaj shocked fans when she announced on social media that she had obtained a marriage license. She referred to her partner at the time as “husband,” sparking speculation that she had tied the knot secretly.

However, it later turned out that Nicki Minaj did not actually get married.

Kenneth Petty: The Husband

In October 2019, Nicki Minaj surprised her fans once again by announcing that she had married Kenneth Petty. This news came after months of dating and rumors about their relationship.

Kenneth Petty is Nicki Minaj’s first and only husband so far.

Despite some controversy surrounding Kenneth Petty’s past legal issues, the couple remains together and seems happy in their relationship.

In Conclusion

To sum up, Nicki Minaj has only been married once. Her husband is Kenneth Petty.

While she had a few significant relationships in the past, none of them led to marriage. Nicki Minaj continues to focus on her music and personal life, keeping her fans intrigued and entertained.